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FRANCK, Bernhard Fograscher, Christoph Schickedanz

Piano Quartet in A major, Op. 33 / Piano Quartet in E major, Op. 41 / Three Fantasies, Op. 28

Piano Quartet in A major, Op. 33 Allegro  Allegro  Allegretto  Finale  Piano Quartet in E major, Op. 41 "Quartett in einem Satz" (08:48) Allegro - Adagio - Allegro - Allegro (08:48)  Three Fantasies, Op. 28 Fantasie No. I Allegro molto con fuoco (C minor)  Fantasie No. II Allegro molto con fuoco (C minor) Adagio (A-flat major)  Fantasie No. III Allegro non troppo. Più moto. Tempo I. Più moto. Presto. Prestissimo (C major) 
  • Bernhard Fograscher - piano
  • Christoph Schickedanz - violin
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Nr kat.: AUD92522
Label  : Audite

This SACD is a further addition to audite’s successful series of music by Eduard and Richard Franck – father and son. Like his father, Eduard, Richard Franck (1858-1938), one of the last representatives of late Romanticism, won a reputation as a fi ne pianist. In 1907 the Basler Nationalzeitung commented: “His outstanding quality is the art of making the piano sing; he is by turns tender and soft, warm and full of life.” But this former pupil of Reinecke also enjoyed a high reputation as a composer of chamber music and piano pieces. A contemporary reviewer in the Casseler Allgemeine Zeitung wrote in 1905: “The recital ended with the Piano Quartet in E, Op. 41 […]. Here again all the familiar qualities of Franck’s writing were in evidence: glorious melodies, unaffectedly natural harmony, rich invention and beautiful voice-leading, all combined with rhythmic verve and vitality.” Richard Franck’s Fantasia for Pianoforte Op. 28 and the Piano Quartets Op. 33 and Op. 41 were written when Franck was at the height of his powers. The music captivates the listener with its sophisticated treatment of the musical material and the effective interaction of the four instruments. The recording pays close attention to detail while at the same time being both spacious and well-balanced. Christoph Schickedanz (violin) and Bernhard Fograscher (piano) are already familiar from earlier recordings of music by Franck. Here this duo is expanded to include their teaching colleague from Hamburg, Marius Nichiteanu (viola) and Mathias Beyer-Karlshoj (violoncello), the cellist of the Henschel Quartet.