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Dotschy Reinhard

sprinkled eyes

  • Dotschy Reinhard - sprinkled eyes
  • 01. Gai Rath (3:47)
  • 02. Mountains Flight (2:46)
  • 03. Sinto (4:38)
  • 04. In Town (5:41)
  • 05. Sprinkled Eyes (4:18)
  • 06. Dschinea du gar / without you (2:40)
  • 07. Won't believe (3:49)
  • 08. Girls like me / Django's theme (3:24)
  • 09. Love's shore (3:21)
  • 10. Nuages / All for you (4:24)
  • 11. The moon was yellow (4:15)
  • 12. Home / Kehre (3:53)
  • 13. 13_Down here on the ground_Mast1 (3:46)
  • Dotschy Reinhard - vocal
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Nr kat.: SSM0113
Label  : Master

In Berlin, her adopted place of residence, Dotschy finds her own language in music, at first through her program „Django The Composer“, casting a new light on the doyen of Sinti music. Finally she forms her multi-national sextet around violin and mandolin virtuoso Ulli Bartel, a friend of the family since many years, and her preferred piano player Christian von der Goltz. Gregoire Peters, half French, half German, credited by jazz greats like Stephane Grappelli and Toots Thielemanns, plays the flute. Russian guitarist Alexej Wagner, Canadian bass player Scott White and Armando Chuh with Brazilian vivacity on the percussion also appear. With these collaborators, harmonizing magically in the studio at the first go, she concentrates all the sounds that dwell in her ears and heart since her youth. „Sprinkled Eyes“ gathers multi-coloured impressions from the richness of her diary, becoming new adventures here and now. There’s a relaxed swinging tribute to the Brazilian guitarist Toninho Horta., the amazing serenades „In Town“ and „Love’s Shore“ with flattering, whispering timbre, or the bluesy stroke of genius „Home – Kehre“ with a reverence to Donald Fagen. With flexible and sensual phrases she gets a very female perspective out of one of her all time favourites, Sinatra’s „The Moon Was Yellow“. The title track is a dreamy acoustic pop pearl, dedicated to her uncle. On „Dschinea Du Gar / Without You“ a Wes Montgomery-solo is cleverly woven in and reveals one more pillar of her inspirations. And the metamorphosis of Django at times happens rather veiled and tongue-in-cheek, like in “Gaj Rath” and “Girls Like Me”, then candidly like in her new version of „Nuages“: Being relieved from the usual gipsy swing line-up, and instead of that welcoming a Fender Rhodes and the “simple and truthful” (Dotschy) lyrics by Tony Bennett, it presents itself as a newly dressed masterpiece. “It is very important for me to have a personal opinion, a personal rendition to every song. After a long time I’ve found my own version of ‘Nuages’ with this arrangements”; she affirms. But it is not exclusively on a musical level that „Sprinkled Eyes“ offers new insights. For Dotschy the decision to sing in Romanes, the idiom of her people, does matter. “Singing in our language, which goes very beautifully along with music, I am able to decrease prejudices. At the same time it is important to me to hold on to traditions. Many people fear to show that they are different, to approve their identity, and that’s what the lyrics of ’Sinto’ talk about. It’s an appeal to vouch for your roots.” “Roots” to the Sinti people means being on the road, home is not defined by a certain place or country, it is rather to be found in „the taste of wine, the sound of the ocean waves, in the security that your family and your own faith gives to you”, she says almost poetically. And you can add: Home is also to be found in music. With her brilliant debut Dotschy Reinhardt has created for herself - and surely for many listeners – n new place where you can feel at home.


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