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de MONTE, Edward Higginbottom, Choir of New College Oxford

Missa Si ambulavero, Misere mei, Peccavi super numerum

The Choir of New College, Oxford - Renaissance Masterpieces, 01. Miserere mei (3:56) 02. Peccavi super numerum (6:51) 03. Missa "Si ambulavero": Kyrie (2:53) 04. Missa "Si ambulavero": Gloria (5:44) 05. Super flumina Babylonis (5:58) 06. Domine, quid multiplicati sunt (5:50) 07. Missa "Si ambulavero": Credo (8:29) 08. Spes humani generis (3:27) 09. Domine Jesu Christe (4:17) 10. Angelus Domini descendit de caelo (5:33) 11. Missa "Si ambulavero": Sanctus (1:55) 12. Missa "Si ambulavero": Benedictus (1:49) 13. Missa "Si ambulavero": Agnus Dei (2:18) 14. Hodie, dilectissimi, omnium sanctorum (6:08)
  • Edward Higginbottom - conductor
  • Choir of New College Oxford - choir
  • de MONTE
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Nr kat.: CRD3520
Label  : CRD Records Anglia

The Flemish composer Philippe de Monte was one of the most well-travelled composers of the Renaissance. Born in Mechelen, he served the Pinelli family in Naples before travelling to the court of Queen Mary in the retinue of her husband, King Philip V of Spain. He was subsequently appointed Kapellmeister to the Imperial Hapsburg Court and served Maximillian II in Vienna and Rudolph II in Prague. He contributed to most of the important vocal genres, including mass, motet, madrigal and chanson. This collection offers a perspective on de Monte at the height of his technical powers, showing his superb handling of vocal disposition, subtle word-painting and his flair for sophisticated canonic writing.