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David Murray Quartet

Shakill's Warrior

David Murray - Shakill's Warrior 01. Blues For Savannah (7:27) 02. Song From The Old Country (7:02) 03. High Priest (12:00) 04. In The Spirit (9:50) 05. Shakill's Warrior (8:38) 06. At The Cafe Central (10:53) 07. Black February (8:54) 08. Milano Strut (8:17)
  • David Murray Quartet
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Nr kat.: DIW850
Label  : DIW - Japonia

It attracted considerable attention that the late Don Pullen held fast to organ. In 1991, the year that this work was released, organist attracted little attention and a new style of the organ play is long awaited. It was so creative to desert a slovenly old-fashioned style and grope for modern organ Jazz, and this album was just as such. The essence Murray added to it is extremely special and is the result worthy of mention in their long career.


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