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Dave Liebman, John Abercrombie, Collin Walcott, Bobo Moses

Drum ode

Dave Liebman - Drum Ode 01. Goli Dance (0:34) 02. Loft Dance (9:22) 03. Oasis (5:30) 04. The Call (4:51) 05. Your Lady (6:40) 06. The Iguana's Ritual (10:38) 07. Satya Dhwani (6:22)
  • Dave Liebman - saxophone
  • John Abercrombie - guitar
  • Collin Walcott - drums
  • Bobo Moses - drums
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Nr kat.: 1594932
Label  : ECM

A thunderous recording by saxophonist Liebman from the year 1974. Here the American saxophonist - and friends Abercrombie and Beirach - are flanked by no less than eight drummers and percussionists. To listen to "Drum Ode" is to swim in waves of rhythms, cross-rhythms, polyrhythms, to be carried along by tidal beats. At the time when he made "Drum Ode", Liebman was playing with the Miles Davis Group in its most electric/tribal groove period, and Miles's influence is clearly discernible here. If you like Drum Ode then you'd probably like the following: Trevor Watts Moiré Music Drum Orchestra, A Wider Embrace Pierre Favre Ensemble, Singing Drums Jack DeJohnette, Oneness John Abercrombie, Timeless Collin Walcott, Cloud Dance


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