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Cal Tjader, Stan Getz


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1. For All We Know 2. My Buddy 3. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 4. Liz-Anne 5. Ginza Samba 6. Crow's Nest 7. Big Bear
  • Cal Tjader - vibes
  • Stan Getz - tenor saxophone
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This 1958 set finds original cool stylist Getz paired with vibraphonist Cal Tjader on a very enjoyable selection of jazz standards and Tjader originals. When Stan Getz played the Black Hawk in San Francisco early in 1958, the time was ripe for the recording of an album that had been under discussion for a long, long time. Most jazz record dates, as anyone who has ever attended one knows, begin late and are one long tortured attempt to get enough material done right to fit on one LP. Once in a long while a date will gel from note one. This was one of those dates. A critic journeying across the Bay to San Francisco to catch what he thought would be the last two hours of the date almost missed the whole thing. The album was recorded in record time (no pun intended) with less than three hours work. No tune, except two, had more than one take and even then it was a toss-up as to which to use. Getz seemed to blend with Tjader as if they had been playing together for years. Vince Guaraldi dug in, feeding the solo horn's chords and taking his own solos with the certainty usually known only to victims of long practice. Billy Higgins and Scott LaFaro read the charts for the original tunes and thought they had written them themselves, and especially the waltz, which is not always the easiest thing for a rhythm section to handle. After the session, the tapes were played back for the men and they sat around entranced, occasionally casting glances of approval to one another. “You’re really cookin” there,” Higgins said to Guaraldi more than once, and everybody was gassed at the way Tjader and Getz played. "In the vein of many a smooth West Coast jazz outing, this 1958 disc finds original cool stylist Getz paired with vibraphonist Cal Tjader on a very enjoyable selection of jazz standards and Tjader originals. The lineup includes pianist Vince Guaraldi, guitarist Eddie Duran, bassist Scott La Faro, and drummer Billy Higgins (this was one of the earliest record dates for either La Faro or Higgins, both of whom were playing with Getz at San Francisco's Black Hawk in between recording sessions). Guaraldi's spry "Ginza Samba" kicks thing off with nimble and imaginative statements by all the soloists. Tjader's swinging originals "Crow's Nest" and "Big Bear" provide prime solo vehicles as well, while his lovely waltz number "Liz-Anne" adds some nice contrast to the set, eliciting one of Getz's best solos in the process. The group rounds things out with fine ballad readings of "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" and "For All We Know." A recommended title for both Getz and Tjader fans." - Stephen Cook, allmusic.com Musicians: Stan Getz, tenor saxophone Cal Tjader, vibes Vince Guaraldi, piano Eddie Duran, guitar Scott LaFaro, bass Billy Higgins, drums

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