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Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle Greatest Hits

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Crystal Gayle - Crystal Gayle Greatest Hits [K2 Super Coding] 01. When I Dream (3:45) 02. Talking in Your Sleep (2:56) 03. Ready For The Times To Get Better (3:26) 04. Nobody Wants to Be Alone (3:50) 05. Miss The Mississippi and You (3:50) 06. For the Good Times (3:20) 07. Always (2:39) 08. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (2:45) 09. Crying in The Rain (2:21) 10. Crazy (2:48) 11. Tennessee Nights (3:31) 12. Half The Way (4:05) 13. Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City (3:53) 14. Nobddy's Angel (3:08) 15. I Just Can't Leave your Love Alone (2:58) 16. Deeper in The Fire (3:31) 17. A New Way To Say I Love you (3:46) 18. Lean on me (2:44) 19. The Blue Side (3:19) 20. The Sound of Goodbye (3:15)
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Nr kat.: K2039
Label  : ABC Int. Records

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Crystal Gayle On January 9, 1951, this songbird made her way into the world as Brenda Gail Webb. In less than two decades later as Crystal Gayle, she would be dazzling people everwhere with her voice. This is a woman that is no longer Loretta's little sister, but a woman that has made her name stand on it's own. She has become recognized as one of Country Music's greatest females. She has taken a genre that was male dominated and tight in it's tradition of males, and brought women to the front of the industry and earn woman equal time on air.


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