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Craig Chaquico

Shadow And Light

  • 1 Innocent Kiss 5:47
  • 2 Westside Hotel 4:11
  • 3 Luminosa 3:56
  • 4 Hurry Home 6:10
  • 5 Keepers of the Flame 5:57
  • 6 Afterglow 4:29
  • 7 Shadow and Light 5:11
  • 8 Could We Fall in Love 4:04
  • 9 Compared to What 5:38
  • 10 Café Carnivál 4:31
  • Craig Chaquico - guitar
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Nr kat.: 724381214220
Label  : Higher Octave Music

Responding to audiences that have encouraged his dual guitar approach in his live performances, Craig Chaquico features both electric and acoustic guitars on four of the ten songs included on his seventh Higher Octave Music recording, Shadow and Light. The CD offers an exciting blend of romantic ballads, up-tempo jams, and a cover of the jazz classic "Compared to What" with popular saxmen Warren Hill and Jeff Kashiwa. The music on this recording is also about the places people experience between the philosophical dualities of light and darkness in life, a concept that Chaquico explored due to the events in America on September 11, 2001. Together with his band and guest musicians, Chaquico captures the essence of life's pulsating highs and lows on the title track, "Shadow and Light." Its ethereal introduction floats into a melodic guitar line, reminiscent of life's good times, that lingers with you long after the song is over. Ozzie Ahlers' energy on the keyboards provides a totally unique personal accompaniment and elegantly etches another dimension for Chaquico's chord phrasings. In addition to the title track, other great songs deserving special mention include "Could We Fall in Love," for its exceptional experimentation with a 40-piece overdubbed guitar orchestra; "Luminosa," a salsa-flavored radio single, for its vibrancy and buoyant positive feeling; and "Keepers of the Flame," for its spiritual, mystical atmospheres. The program ends with an explosive remix of Chaquico's number one smooth jazz hit, "Café Carnival" (originally released on Panorama), with great saxophone from Kevin Paladini. When compared to Chaquico's 1999 release, Four Corners, this recording tends to emphasize the same attributes that connect Chaquico with his audiences -- heartfelt emotional intelligence and the excitement of his electric and acoustic guitar strings touching his listeners' hearts.


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