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Chuck Mangione

Everything for love

1. Peggy Hill 2. Slo Ro 3. Amazing Grace 4. Seoul Sister 5. Viola 6. Fox Hunt 7. Annalise 8. I Do Everything For love 9. Papa Mangione 10. Freddie's Walkin'
  • Chuck Mangione - trumpet

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

In celebration of his sixtieth birthday and nearly fifty-year recording career, Chuck Mangione presents his wildly romantic tribute to the essence of love on his second Chesky Records release Everything For Love. This collection of silky cuts featuring breathtaking improvisation and a straight-ahead approach employs the same kind of captivating and lovable composition that has characterized Chuck's work throughout his career. This is a jazz record that will make you want to grab your loved one and dance to memorable melodies that will inspire you to do Everything For Love.


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