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Larry Braggs

Jus' Sangin'

I Want You 3:27 Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) 4:25 These Three Words 4:24 Busted 2:16 You Make Me Feel Brand New 5:00 Fly Like An Eagle 5:06 New Day 4:29 A Song For You 4:12 Blueberry Hill 3:35 Work To Do 3:23 A House Is Not A Home 4:50 Calling You 4:13 Love's In Need Of Love Today 4:00 People Get Ready 4:04
  • Larry Braggs - vocal
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Nr kat.: EVSA151
Label  : Evosound

I was born to sing, I knew it in the second grade! (Laughs). I?m one of nine brothers and sisters -- Mom and Dad were from Mississippi. Dad was a foundry worker and a great tap dancer. Mom was a housewife and they taught us we were put here on this earth with a God-given purpose, that everyone has talent, many talents, and that it?s up to us to discover and nurture the one talent that will distinguish us, because that?s the talent that?s going to shape our lives. And Singing has given me the vehicle, the opportunity to shape my destiny. I?m very proud that I was the first person to go to college in my family; I graduated with a major in music from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Understand, college wasn?t really on my agenda growing up! I was the Kind of kid like every other young African American little boy in the ghetto of Chicago Westside. I wanted to get a job and hang out with my friends. Funk was always my thing ? I was a George Clinton, Bar-Kays kind of guy. Charlie Wilson the lead singer of the Gap Band was my inspiration. I just always loved the way he worked on stage and how he delivers a song. I take that same approach whenever I step on stage, and when I joined Tower of Power. I?ve never played a gig to just play the gig. With me it?s always balls to the wall, like it?s the last night of my life. I go out there every night and give 200 percent. I love to hear people share what the music means to them. It?s one thing to attach memories to your favorite song, but to hear that song live is another animal. And the stories I get! Drugs, hippies, Hendrix, Vietnam. People relate to music the way they treasure there life. It has that kind of status. Wherever I am in Asia, Europe, South Africa or even New Orleans, in front of 200 people or ten thousand people I get that incredible rush that lets me know that I made the right choice to become a singer. My goal is to ?to be That Voice?, the one when you hear it, it makes you stop and listen and think for a little while. And, ?That? voice that drives tower of power to the next level. And I can do that because, I?m the lizard who keeps shedding his skin! (Laughs)? Which means I?m just catching up to where my talent is? Which ensures that I always have someplace new to go.


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