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Christian McBride

People Music

1. Listen to the Heroes Cry (McBride) (7:39) 2. Fair Hope Theme (McBride) (6:49) 3. Gang Gang (Warren Wolf) (7:03) 4. Ms. Angelou (Steve Wilson) (6:42) 5. The Movement, Revisited (McBride) (8:30) 6. Unusual Suspects (Peter Martin) (7:28) 7. Dream Train (Christian Sands) (6:05) 8. New Hope's Angel (McBride) (5:28)
  • Christian McBride - double bass
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Nr kat.: MAC1070
Label  : MackAvenue (USA)

It's not simply his abundant virtuosity that has made Christian McBride the most in-demand bassistof his generation. McBride consistently combines his deft musicianship with an innate ability to communicate his enthusiasm to an audience-a warm showmanship that transforms his own passion into infectious joy. It comes across whether he's leading his own bands; sharing the stage with jazz legends like Sonny Rollins, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock or Pat Metheny; accompanying pop giants like James Brown, Sting or The Roots; or collaborating with classical masters like Kathleen Battle, Edgar Meyer or the Shanghai Quartet. Any time that McBride steps into the studio or onto a stage he plays what could be called "people music," but it's a particularly apt title for the second release by his hard-swinging acoustic quintet Inside Straight. Four years after Kind of Brown, the band's acclaimed debut album, People Music delivers a more road-tested, "lived-in" Inside Straight, able to dig deep while projecting that ebullient vigor that has become McBride's trademark. "People Music is my personal mantra as a musician," McBride says of the title. "Sometimes jazz musicians can get too caught up in their own heads; they get so serious and so caught up in their creativity that they're not bringing the people in. So I figure the best way to communicate is to let the people navigate where you should go." https://jazzchill.blogspot.com/2013/03/christian-mcbride-inside-straight.html


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