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Choir of Magdalen College Oxford, John Harper

Anthology of English Anthems 1540 - 1990

Anthology of English Anthems 1540 - 1990  image
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Disc: 1 1. O Lord Turn Thy Wrath 2. Teach Me, O Lord 3. Exalt Thyself, O God 4. Out of the Deep 5. Nolo Mortem Peccatoris 6. The Lord's Prayer 7. Hide Not Thy Face 8. Blessed Art Thou 9. I Will Exalt Thee 10. I Call and Cry to Thee 11. Purge Me, O Lord 12. O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit 13. The Lord's Prayer 14. Sing Joyfully Unto God 15. O Lord in Thy Wrath 16. O Lord, I Lift My Heart to Thee 17. Hosanna to the Son of David 18. O Lord, Arise 19. Then David Mourned 20. O Praise the Lord, All Ye Heathen 21. My God, My God, Look Upon Me 22. I Was Glad Disc: 2 1. Hear My Prayer 2. O God, Thou Hast Cast Us Out 3. Remember Not, O Lord 4. God Is Gone Up 5. Lord, Let Me Know Mine End 6. O Where Shall Wisdom Be Found 7. Lord, Look Down from Heaven 8. Come Holy Ghost 9. Blessed Be the God and Father 10. Is It Nothing to You? 11. O Saviour of the World 12. The Wilderness 13. I Saw the Lord Disc: 3 1. The Lord's My Shepherd 2. Glorious and Powerful God 3. My Soul, There Is a Country 4. O Thou, the Central Orb 5. Hail, Gladdening Light 6. Expectans Expectavi 7. Blessed City, Heavenly Salem 8. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence 9. Greater Love Hath No Man 10. Whitsunday Hymn 11. Welcome, Sweet and Sacred Feast 12. The Evening-watch 13. Like As the Hart Disc: 4 1. Set Me As a Seal 2. King of Glory, King of Peace 3. Praise Ye the Lord 4. O Lord, the Maker of All Things 5. Hymn to St. Peter 6. Bring Us, O Lord God 7. Come, Holy Ghost 8. The Tree 9. Thee Will I Love 10. Come, My Soul 11. Thou Hast Made Me 12. Hymn to the Mother of God 13. Verses I 14. Verses II 15. Verses III 16. Salve Regina 17. Ubi Caritas 18. Drop, Drop, Slow Tears 19. Give Me the Wings of Faith
  • Choir of Magdalen College Oxford - choir
  • John Harper - conductor
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Nr kat.: RRC4001
Label  : Regis Records

Florestan's Music 5.0 out of 5 starsThis is a very good collection of church music of this country 22 July 2015 Verified Purchase This is a very good collection of church music of this country. Incidentally, you can pick it up these days for just a fraction of its value a dozen years ago: CDs, and classical music in general, used to be expensive, not anymore thank God, now even those on low incomes can build a nice music collection. I know streaming is the future, but it seems it still has some way to go in terms of sound quality. So CDs, cables and amplifiers are still relevant. The only downside of this album is that it doesn't include the sung texts, and I couldn't find them on the internet either. The performances are good, Magdalen College Choir demonstrates its quality and the sound is also good, but not excellent, Priory Records is not a first-class recording outfit, but they did a decent job. In fact they deserve much praise for bringing this kind of repertoire to light. This 4-CD album should be part of any collection that prides itself in allowing space for sacred music. The Anglican tradition in church music is still strong, though since the 60s there has been a full assault against it even in the theological front: some clerics have downgraded the music in their parishes to popular status, with pop and rock bands making an undesirable appearance in church, with a great drop in musical standards. It's amazing this downgrading is sold as "progressive", when in reality we're talking of a big drop in the quality of music played in church. Yet this is only one of many mistakes made in church governance over the years. Modern musicians have often gone wayward too, breaking with tradition and with beauty by doing so. Much of the modern repertoire is lacking in quality, even some pieces included in this compilation! However, the 4 CDs are highly enjoyable in general, so take advantage of the current buyers'market and grab this boxset for your collection.