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Charlie Landsborough

The Storyteller

1) My Heart Would Know
2) I'm Growing Old *
3) Special
4) Passing Through
5) What Colour Is The Wind
6) I've Seen Love *
7) How Do You Do Those Things
8) Walking On My Memories
9) I Am Red
10) A Fathers Song *
11) What Happened To Love
12) Love You Every Second
13) You're Still Around
14) Saints
15) Five Fingers

* Previously Unreleased
  • Charlie Landsborough - vocal

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.


It can certainly be said that Charlie is one of those singer songwriters who it is easy to identify with. His character is one that is naturally down to earth, sincere and evocative, and he possesses a charm which many people relate to. However, it is as the gentle and thoughtful songwriter where these qualities shine brightly through.

On 'The Storyteller', a new album from Charlie which gathers together some of the Liverpudlian's finest tales from across his career, these talents are showcased wonderfully. Just as the likes of Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel and James Taylor have done before him, Charlie' storytelling is based around his likeness for spotting tales in the most unpretentious of situations or (apparently) unassuming of folk and writing about them. It's an approach which has proved highly successful over the years and as Charlie genially introduces us to each of the 15 songs gathered here, revealing fascinating insights, anecdotes and chronicles along the way, it is clear to see why he is considered to be so special.

From the anguished 'My Heart Would Know', through to the ever popular 'What Colour Is The Wind', the affectionate 'Love You Every Second', and to the 3 previously unreleased songs which are also included, 'The Storyteller', highlights Charlie's wistful and thought-provoking qualities perfectly.


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