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Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra

Dream Keeper

Charlie Haden - Dream Keeper 01. Dream Keeper-Dream Keeper, Pt. I-Feliciano Ama-Dream Keeper, Pt. 2-C (16:57) 02. Rabo de Nube (5:27) 03. Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika (10:35) 04. Sandino (6:43) 05. Spiritual (9:00)
  • Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra
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Nr kat.: DIW844
Label  : DIW - Japonia

This is their third appearance on DIW. Langston Hughes's poems got them started to polishing his talent, and his idea was realized through many years. This April 1990 recording of Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra is one of a handful. The personnel is superlative. The music is at the same incredible level than on the "ballad of the fallen" album from 1982. The "dream keeper" suite, with words by Langston Hughes, is composed of eight tunes:the four parts titled "dream keeper" were written by Carla Bley;the four others come from Venezuela "canto del pilon" I & II,El Salvador "feliciano ama", and the Spanish Civil war "hymn of the anarchist women's movement". There are no words to describe the haunting beauty of this music, so close to a Duke Ellington's suite.Fanfares parts alternate with improvised moments,and how great it would have been to have Albert Ayler in the reed section ! Like in Charlie's "ballad of the fallen",the spanish tunes from the civil war may be the most emotionnal tunes,because they were the songs of men fighting desperatly against fascism and dictatorship.Speaking of the Spanish Civil War, if you're interested in these sad times of our history, I urge you to read George Orwell's writings on the subject.The second tune, "rabo de nube", was written by a cuban musician and arranged by Carla's daughter,Karen Mantler. Another masterpiece of this record is the version of "nkosi sikelel'i afrika", the anthem of the African National Congress.After a beautiful fanfare introduction,Dewey Redman comes in for a long free improvisation. "spiritual", as the name says, is a church song,written by Haden in memory of Martin Luther King,Medgar Evers and Malcolm X.Ray Anderson's trombone shines here,with Amina Claudine Myers moving piano playing. This is outstanding music, full of noise and fury (thanks William and William), a shout for hope and love and beauty.Surely, this is one of the most important recordings of the last decade, if not the greatest. JEAN-MARIE JUIF


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