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Cesaria Evora

Cafe Atlantico

LP 1 Side A: 1. Flor di Nha Esperanca 2. Vaquinha Mansa 3. Amor di Mundo Side B: 4. Paraiso di Atlantico 5. Sorte 6. Carnaval de Sao Vicente 7. Desilusao Dum Amdjer LP 2 Side C: 1. Nho Antone Escaderode 2. Beijo de Longe 3. Roma Criola Side D: 4. Perseguida 5. Maria Elena 6. Cabo Verde Manda Mantenha 7. Terezinha Cabo Verde Mandá Mantenha by Cesária Évora on Grooveshark Fl?r Di Nha Esperanca by Cesária Évora on Grooveshark Vaguinha Mansa by Cesária Évora on Grooveshark
  • Cesaria Evora - vocal
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2 LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: PPAN54012

The glorious Cafe Atlantico finds Cesaria Evora venturing into more Latin American musical landscapes, as opposed to Portuguese, which dominated her previous albums. Evora draws from traditional Cuban and Brazilian music to mesmerizing effect. The album is also a tribute to her home town of Mindelo, on the Cape Verdean island of Sao Vicente, which was once a busy port with sailors cruising between South America, the Caribbean, and Portugal. Therefore, the music is heartbreaking and nostalgic, warm and tragic all at once. The masterful "Carnaval de Sao Vicente" is one of the most joyous, bittersweet party songs ever put on wax... "Roma Criola" is tragic, lonely, destitute, and always interesting, making for an undiscovered masterpiece of a ballad, and her rendition of the Spanish language standard "Maria Elena" is absolutely heartbreaking. The album evokes a moody elegance rarely found in modern music, from the sweeping opener "Flor Di Nha Esperanca" to the summery "Armor Di Mundo", and the picture she paints of this cafe at the end of the world is a gorgeous, multi-colored, and emotion-stirring palate. This album is nothing short of world class and will be enjoyed by generations to come. Musicians: Cesaria Evora, vocals, 6 & 12 string guitar, cavquinho Luis Ramos, cavaquinho, background vocals Jacinto Pereira, acoustic bass guitar, background vocals Jose Paris, piano, background vocals Nando Andrade, drums Calu, percussion Tey Santos, tenor and soprano saxophone, percussion, vocals Totinho, pandero, bongo Silvano Michelino, kora Conde djeli Moussa, accordion


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