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BACH, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Nnenna Freelon, MOZART, Don Williams

Audiophile Analog Recordings

01 BWV. 565 Toccata Composer: Bach 03:48 02 TIN PAN ALLEY Performer: Steve Ray Vaughan 09:14 03 A Traveler in the Northcomposed by: Tatsuya Chin 03:11 04 The Champions Singer: ERA 03:25 05 Straighten Up And Fly Right Singer: Nnenna Freelon 03:23 06 The Hut on Fowl´s Legs, "Baba Yaga" From Pictures At An Exhibition Performer: BASSIC INSTINCTS 03:35 07 Duet Performer: Dave Jones & Tom Gordon 01:36 08 I’m Getting Good At Missing You Singer:Don Williams 02:56 09 All In love Is Fair Singer: Nnenna Freelon 06:51 10 Symphony No.40 K.550 Composer:Mozart 04:13 11 Georgia On My Mind Singer:Jacintha 05:15 12 Still In Love Performer: Jaques Morelenbaum & Salvatore Bonafede 03:06 13 Soul Of Great China Performance: Shanghai Ethical Ensemble 03:46 14 Listen To the Radio Singer:Don Williams 03:12 15 M’Bifo Singer: Rokia Traore 02:39 16 Rondoalla Turca Composer: Mozart 02:21 17 March in B Flat Major Op.99 Composer: Serge Prokofiev 02:29
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar
  • Nnenna Freelon - vocal
  • Don Williams - vocal
  • BACH
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CD Silver:

Nr kat.: HDS326
Label  : ABC Int. Records

AAD is a Digital Copy Of The Master Tape - SILVER CD

If you are confident in your sound tuning, this album is a must. If you don't have confidence in your stereo tuning, this album is all the more important! For no other reason, among the many recordings of fever, the most carefully selected recordings are the most representative of the highest voice. These recordings can not only have a glimpse of the development and evolution of stereo recording aesthetics over the past 60 years, but also witness the human beings' pursuit of excellence in stereo recording technology. "Natural sound music in real space", "Sound field depth, timbre and dynamics". In the appropriate space with a single stereo microphone equipment recording, from the first to the last one to listen to, really like an appreciation of a wonderful "sound performance", let a person feel a return to the spirit of ecstasy to not! Each recording can not only be easily as music to listen to, more suitable as a hi-end audio test disc, provide music fans as a reference for sound comparison, not only the recording studio, the sound is absolutely fever! The beauty of the recording, "such as the scene" four word available to the best of all good, you can use the ears as if any of the details "see" the sound field, the whole listening space form for recording the scene immediately, sixty years ago, the stereo technology, incredibly can achieve sound of virtual reality, let the person ponder over the greatness of sound art. The music that is already full of stereo feeling becomes more vivid immediately, the natural fullness of the sound and sound is close to the scene. All the recordings were made by Germany's top master engineer Brad Hamilton, known as the god-man's ear and the hand of fever, based on the original simulated master tapes. The results were of course of the first class! UltraAnalog CD™ technology is applied to the late master tapes to preserve all the detailed music recording information of original analog master tapes. What is brought to the audience is the most realistic reproduction of stereo sound, with an amazing dynamic range, and the closest approximation to the smooth, super-hi-fi sound of the simulated master tape. Voice is broad, gentle, sharp, you can appreciate to every song vocals and instruments sound more and more realistic, warm tone become more glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, the high clear, alto precision, bass is heavier, sound even more broadly, dynamic more wide and wide, but again appear natural, each piece of music has become the sound of music, like the walls to reconcile the perfect 鶏 tail wine, smoothly into the throat and make people dizzy to drunk. Cząsteczki srebra są jednolite i mają stały współczynnik odbicia, co zapewnia równą, reprodukcyjną jakość dźwięku. Posrebrzany `CD 6N ma również wyższy współczynnik odbicia niż 24-karatowe złoto. 6N - Czyste Srebro! Najnowsze tłoczenie wersji HD tej płyty wykonano z wykorzystaniem srebra jako warstwy nośnej


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