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BACH, Martin Zeller

6 Suites a Violoncello Solo Senza Basso Vol. 1

6 Suites a Violoncello Solo Senza Basso Vol. 1 image
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  • Martin Zeller - cello
  • BACH
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Nr kat.: M073-HR
Label  : MaRecordings
Nośnik w tej chwili niedostępny.


Nr kat.: M073
Label  : MaRecordings

88.2 kHz - kopia taśmy-matki

MA Recordings is proud to present a remarkable recording of the first three unaccompanied cello suites by J. S. Bach, performed to baroque perfection by Swiss cellist Martin Zeller on a one-of-a-kind authentic period instrument crafted in 1673 by Jacobus Stainer. For those of us who are not string players, Jacobus Stainer was one of the most artistically prolific makers of stringed instruments during the baroque era. Here is just one bit of information to be found on the net when doing a "search" on Jacobus Stainer Jacob (Absam, Austria, c. 1617-83) is the earliest and most important Austrian violin maker whose model influenced violin making in Germany, parts of Italy and several other countries. It is not known where he learned his trade, but his painstaking and elegant craftsmanship indicate that he may have had an association with the great makers of Cremona, Italy, particularly the Amati family. His instruments were in demand all over Europe until the appearance of those made by Antonio Stradivari, whose flatter and broader models had greater power. Stainer's instruments, however, are still cherished and can hold their own with the best of Cremonese makers. Many imitations of his work exist, but his creations are so personal and original that genuine examples can be recognized by an expert in the field. Some characteristic features of his instruments are the relatively broad lower back, higher arching of the belly than the back, beautifully cut scrolls and, in some cases, beautifully carved heads of lions, angels, or women, and varnish ranging in color from amber to orange-red, comparable in brilliance to Cremonese varnish. Jacob Stainer violins are comparatively rare today. A few violas, including a viola di bordone and a viola bastarda, are known. Few, if any, violoncellos exist that are known to be of his hand; his double-basses are of great rarity. Also extant are some viola da gambas and viola da gambas that were converted to violoncellos. One can see how this new recording by Martin Zeller might be considered required listening. Who knows if J. S. Bach himself played this exact instrument, or at least heard it himself!? Fortunately, we all now can! In any case, we think this recording is destined to be listened to and cherished by many. Needless to day, there will be inquiries about Vol 2, so for those interested, the 2nd volume of the remaining suites is scheduled to be recorded sometime during the fall of 2009. It will be a 5.6 MHz DSD recording, hopefully recorded with MA`s second generation DC powered microphones. Volume one of J. S. Bach`s unaccompanied cello suites was recorded at 88.2 kHz, utilizing the DCS 904 Analog to Digital coverter with MA Recordings` Custom made, line level DC powered microphones. Cables: analog-Crystal Cable 2 meter pair / digital-Crystal Cable AES-EBU. For more about Crystal Cable please go here Of Swiss descent, MARTIN ZELLER studied the modern cello at the Musikhochschule in Zürich with Markus Stocker and Claude Starck and in London with William Pleeth. He then joined the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis to study baroque cello with Christophe Coin and viola da gamba with Paolo Pandolfo. At present he is principal cello of the Kammerorchester Basel which is regularly directed by Giovanni Antonini, Paul McCreesh, David Stern and Christopher Hogwood. He has closely collaborated with many famous soloists and singers such as Carlo Chiarappa, Giuliano Carmignola and Cecilia Bartoli, He has played with various period instrument groups (I Barrocchisti Lugano, Sonatori della Gioiosa Marca, Orchestre Baroque de Limoges, Orchestre des Champs-Elysées) as well as the Ensemble für Neue Musik, Zürich. Among his chamber music partners are Guido Balestracci and Christophe Coin. Martin Zeller is professor of baroque cello at the Musikhochschule Zürich and teaches at the Chamber Music Academy at the Hindemith Center in Blonay, Switzerland. For MA Recordings, he has participated on “Buenos Aires Madrigal” (M063A) and “Tonos y Tonadas” (M072A), both by Ensemble La Chimera, of which he is a standing member. The photography for the cover was shot by fashion photographer Peter Han, an avid MA fan! For more on Peter`s beautiful work, please check out: www.peterhanstudio.com Todd Garfinkle: Producer / Engineer