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Arne Domnerus, Bengt Hallberg, Georg Riedel, Egil Johansen, Lars Erstrand


Side A: Frenesi Side B: Gubben Och Kallingen Side C: Jeep's Blues (Take 2) Side D: High Life Mood Indigo
  • Arne Domnerus - saxophone
  • Bengt Hallberg - piano
  • Georg Riedel - bass
  • Egil Johansen - drums
  • Lars Erstrand - vibraphone
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2 LP HQ-200G 45rpm:

Nr kat.: 2XHDNSV1247
Label  : 2xHD Canada


AAA Audiophile 200g 45rpm Double LP! Featuring Some Outtakes Never Released Before on Any Previous Edition! Sourced from First Generation Analog Recordings without Any Digital Corruption! Cut All Analog at Bernie Grundman Mastering on Tube Cutting Equipment! Sensacja melomańska i audiofilska - odnaleziony po kilkudziesięciu latach zapis PRYWATNEJ SESJI muzyków. Już po zakończeniu oficjalnego koncertu, po zarejestrowaniu materiału na ich najsłynniejszą płytę - ZAGRALI DLA SIEBIE! I to jest to! Why Late Night? The recordings in this album were made late in the evening, at the end of the famous Jazz at the Pawnshop's last set. They were discovered in a vault decades later and subsequently mastered and released by 2xHD. At the end of the evening, before packing their instruments to go home, jazz musicians often will play a set for themselves. These tapes hold the recording of such a moment, as the famous Jazz at the Pawnshop group play with longer solos, leaving themselves more liberty to spontaneously explore the many jazz possibilities of the songs, and having fun. These discovered recordings were mastered by 2xHD's René Laflamme and released under the appropriate title. Treasure Found Anyone who owns the original Jazz at the Pawnshop, considered one of the most famous audiophile albums in music, will not be able to resist this companion album which captures the enduring spirit of the intimate Pawnshop jazz club in Stockholm. It's called Late Night because these songs were played during the last two sets late at night. The treasured 40-year-old tapes were discovered accidentally and found to be in excellent condition; A week was spent editing and mastering them for this exclusive 2xHD Deluxe 45rpm edition, which includes musical tags to indicate the end of a set and uses slow fade-ins and fade-outs to identify the breaks. You can hear the band members walk back on stage, pick up their instruments and get into the final sets on this electrifying recording that brings together musicianship and engineering in a magical symbiosis. The tape version of the album received Positive Feedback's 2023 Writer's Choice Award. Late Night A Special moment when musicians play for their own pleasure.