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Aki Hata

Kanokejima (L'Ile Aux Trente Cercueil)

Kanokejima (棺桶島) L'Ile Aux Trente Cercueil 01. 天狼星 (1:37) 02. 棺桶島 (4:33) 03. 不可侵 (3:36) 04. 囚われる (3:48) 05. 離宮 (2:57) 06. 卑金属 (3:59) 07. 涙の木には叫ぶ花 (3:37) 08. 加虐 (3:23) 09. 咀嚼夢魔 (3:47) 10. メソポタミア (1:38) 11. 赤い蝋燭 (深海Version) (3:28) 12. カプセル (2:13)
  • Aki Hata - vocal
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Nr kat.: ARC1046
Label  : Arcangelo Japonia

Aki Hata is a well-known composer of video games and TV series music, but she has also released a couple of regular albums within the Prog spectrum.''L'ile aux trente cercueil'' features also the presence of guitarist Koichi Namiki (also a composer of video games music) and falls in the Electronic/Symphonic Prog territory.Fairly synth-dominated with programmed bass and drums and Namiki providing the electric guitar, the music is similar to 80's Japanese Prog bands of a parallel vein with over-the-top female vocals in Japanese, bombastic symphonic orchestrations, grandiose and virtuosic keys and many romantic themes of a quasi Classical nature.Decent work despite the strict personel with some very good instrumental passages.