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Yoshio Kimura

Audiophile Selections

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Yoshio Kimura - Audiophile Selections 01. Tetsuya String - A Traveler in the North (3:11) 02. Masaaki Hirao - Seto’s Bride (3:20) 03. Endo Minoru - Starlight Waltz (4:06) 04. Endo Minoru - Northern Spring (3:57) 05. Li Jinguang - The Evening Incense (2:53) 06. Shigeru Tamura - The Blooming of White Flowers (3:29) 07. Inomata Urakawa - Port City Blues (3:08) 08. Atsushi Suzuki - Tears of Love (3:23) 09. Endo Minoru - Gardenia’s Flower (4:02) 10. Isao Hayashi - Composed from Apple Village (3:27) 11. Huang Shanyou - Return to Busan Port (3:46) 12. Shosuke Ichikawa - Sazanka Hotel (4:30) 13. Tokujiro Okubo - Night’s Blues (2:59) 14. Toru Hunumura - Women’s lodging (3:58) 15. Shunichi Tokura - Compose in your mind (2:42) 16. Otada Shuzo - Yuzen (3:35) 17. Shosuke Ichikawa - Osaka Shigure (3:52) 18. Endo Minoru - From Our Diary (5:00)
  • Yoshio Kimura - guitar

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AAD is a Digital Copy Of
The Master Tape

******* Nowa, limitowana seria najbardziej audiofilskich nagrań analogowych. Każdy z utworów jest bezpośrednią kopią z taśmy matki. Płyta, na której umieszczono nagrania została wykonana z tworzywa ciekłokrystalicznego. Natomiast warstwa nośna - to najczystsze srebro! ****** Yoshio Kimura is the pride of Japanese music circles, for his consummate performance techniques, unique arrangement skill and giving the audiences extraordinary sense of hearing, and known as the Japanese guitar Emperor's virtuoso. He applied the crafted skills to turn traditional pieces into unique style and exciting songs, created a wonderful guitar world with his hands and wisdom. You will fall in love with his music at the first sight and feel excited about it, which is full of exotic, romantic, lyrical, and beautiful melody. Just like the love story between Chinese Chen Zhen and Japanese girl Yamada Hikaruko in the movie Fist of Legend, music will give you a passion and courage to ignore the nationalities, guide you into a “soul travel”. In the series of guitar performance albums, tracks that music lovers recommended most are “Yanagase Blues”, “Spring in the North”, “Shiretoko Love Song” and so on. These were very popular and famous songs in the past, for instance, “Spring in the North” has become a household word, for its lively rhythm and beautiful melody. While the performance of “Yanagase Blues” is a precious one, the performance instruments include solo guitar, electric guitar, violin, cello, saxophone, harmonica, piano and synthesizer, and the voice slipped out of his hands that the audiophile valued most, made this track profound and amazing. Another track, “Gardenia Flower”, characterized with varied instrumental voice and leisurely performance, makes you feel in the flowers and give a supreme enjoyment of listening. The performances of Yoshio Kimura have an unbelievable magic power, and his guitar works are the miracles of music art. Yoshio Kimura is the pride of our Asian people.


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