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1. Pleiades: I. Melanges (Mixtures) 2. Pleiades: II. Metaux (Metals) 3. Pleiades: III. Claviers (Keyboards) 4. Pleiades: IV. Peaux (Skins) 5. Rebonds A. 6. Rebonds B.
  • Kuniko - vibraphone
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Nr kat.: CKD495
Label  : Linn Records

‘…the spectre of KUNIKO in flight is equally striking from her athletically efficient performance to her precise and exquisite presence.’ All About Jazz ‘KUNIKO is an exciting and expressive percussionist... ’ American Record Guide ‘…the versatile Japanese percussionist…produced one of the discs of the year.’ Gramophone • KUNIKO’s much-anticipated third studio recording features the works of Iannis Xenakis, whose work has had a huge impact within the world of music, and in particular on percussion repertoire. • Full of challenges, from the pioneering mathematical influences, to unusual notation and virtuosic performance requirements, many classify Xenakis’ compositions as unplayable, but KUNIKO’s unrivalled prowess sees her perfectly realise the composer’s vision. • KUNIKO gave the world premiere of Project IX at the Japan Society in New York in 2014. • Pléïades explores a rich variety of percussive sounds and textures; marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, xylo-marimba and drums create a sound world of rhythmic complexity and vibrant colours. • Uniquely, Pléïades also requires a SIXXEN, an instrument designed by Xenakis and customised by KUNIKO, who hand-selected 120 metal bars to craft the perfect sound. • Since becoming a percussion soloist, Rebonds is a piece that KUNIKO has been playing and performing throughout her entire career. • After hearing this performance of Xenakis’ popular piece, renowned percussionist Sylvio Gualda congratulated KUNIKO on her ‘marvellous’ interpretation. • KUNIKO is a soloist who is recognised around the world for her astonishing virtuosity, exquisite musical insight and expressive yet elegant performance style. • She is renowned for her flawless technique when playing both keyboard and percussion instruments, which blends seamlessly with her profound musical intelligence. • KUNIKO’s debut kuniko plays reich was acclaimed by the media becoming Linn’s bestselling album of 2011, whilst cantus entered the Top 10 of the Official UK Specialist Classical Chart. • In 2012 KUNIKO completed a world tour playing at venues in America, France, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and Australia and in 2013 performed at several UK festivals. • KUNIKO endorses Adams Musical Instruments and Pearl Musical Instruments worldwide.


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