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William Orbit

My Oracle Lives Uptown

1. Radioharp 2. Purdy 3. Optical Illusion - Billy Buttons Mix 4. Fast Bubble Universe 5. White Night 6. Hydrajacked 7. My Oracle Lives Uptown 8. Spotlight Kid 9. Neutron Star 10. Treetop Club 11. Drift So Far (Website Version) 12. Golden Country 13. Brand New Bong 14. Little Skipper 15. Reverie of the Tapir 16. City Lights Reflection
  • William Orbit
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2 LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: AKH351
Label  : Linn Records

The release of “My Oracle Lives Uptown” on 180g vinyl represents an exciting partnership between Linn, the world’s leading LP player manufacturer, and William Orbit, the leading pioneer in the Electronica genre. William Orbit, the Grammy Award-winning producer and composer, has been in high demand as a producer and remixer for over a decade, most famous for working with Madonna's 1998 "Ray of Light" album, as well as U2, Britney Spears, Pink and others. Orbit's eighth album features his easily recognizable signature sound which is sleek and lush, but leaves a cool slipstream in its wake. The double 180g vinyl LP was mastered at Abbey Road by Geoff Pesche, a highly experienced engineer and pressed at Pallas in Germany, a partner carefully chosen by Linn and considered to be the best. “My Oracle Lives Uptown” is William Orbit's most immediate album. It's so subtly layered that it only reveals itself fully after a number of plays, whilst his idiosyncratic vision gives his music a curiously timeless feel. The vinyl features new, original artwork, a beautifully designed 8-page booklet and is presented in a gatefold sleeve. "The dreamy Optical Illusions washes over you in gorgeously drowsy electronic waves ... Orbit has no need to reinvent the wheel - this has become his sound, and once again it's irresistible." - 4 Stars - Mojo Hi-Fi World
"It swings between nineties retro-dance and more considered, meaty fare."
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High Fidelity
5 Stars
"Bardzo dobre, niezle muzycznie, wydawnictwo."
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4 Stars
it's irresistible
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Hot Press
absolutely gorgeous
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3 Stars
Orbit has never been quite so inviting
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