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Will Ackerman


1. The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter (1975) 2. Anne's Song (1977) 3. The Impending Death Of The Virgin Spirit (1970) 4. Pictures (1998) 5. Hawk Circle (1980) 6. Barbara's Song (1970) 7. Unconditional (1997) 8. Visiting (1982) 9. Processional (1973) 10. In A Region Of Clouds (1987) 11. Last Day At The Beach (1986)
  • Will Ackerman - guitar

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Muzyka lżejsza od nut - edycja limitowana, numerowana

2005 Grammy Award: • Best New Age Album Will Ackerman's 2005 Grammy award winning recording Returning is coming on 180g vinyl for the first time. Ackerman is universally recognized as the preeminent pioneer and face of the new age music movement. Will is also the founder of the legendary Windham Hill Records. In 2004, after years of growth and introspection, Ackerman re-recorded an album of his best-known songs, a greatest hits collection with all new performances. Will's goal was to take a series of 11 favorite songs and record them for posterity in a way that reflects the emotional nuances, precision, and maturing beauty they've picked up along the road. He includes the graceful and lushly melodic "The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter," the sweet and melancholy "Anne's Song" (inspired by working with fellow genre legends Alex de Grassi and Michael Hedges), and two peaceful early gems from 1970, "Pictures" and "Barbara's Song." Some were written as celebrations ("Unconditional"), others as elegies ("The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit"), but all are intricate snapshots of a vastly influential musical life that keeps inventive to this day. "I don't write music in any academic sense. I've learned to shut out rational thought and simply feel. If I get out of the way, the music is simply given to me." - Will Ackerman All the well-known classics are here. A one of a kind compilation.


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