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Wayne King and His Orchestra

Dream Time

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Wayne King - Dream Time 01. An Affair To Remember (3:04) 02. Fascination (2:19) 03. My Heart Reminds Me (3:10) 04. Shadow Waltz (2:33) 05. Theme From "Man Of A Thousand Faces" (3:02) 06. Tammy (3:03) 07. Around The world (2:25) 08. Stardust (3:01) 09. Till (2:29) 10. Dreamy Melody (3:15) 11. Forgotten Dreams (2:48) 12. Melodie D'Amour (Melody Of Love) (2:32)
  • Wayne King and His Orchestra
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Nr kat.: CDLF8135
Label  : DUTTON Laboratories

"Time for dreaming it certainly is, for this Vocalion release contains the dreamlike atmospherics of the Wayne King orchestra’s 1958 album Dream Time. Wayne leads his orchestra through a balanced programme of popular melodies, some of them drawn from the world of film. These latter include Tammy (from ‘Tammy and the Bachelor’), Around the World (from ‘Around the World in 80 Days’), An Affair to Remember (from the film of the same name) and Fascination (from ‘Love in the Afternoon’) and others. Wayne King even contributes some outstanding sax solos on several of the tunes, including Stardust and Shadow Waltz. So put this Vocalion CD on and sit back, relax and dream with Wayne King and His Orchestra."