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WAGNER, Wolfgang Windgassen, Hans Hotter, Astrid Varnay, Choir und Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele, Joseph Keilberth


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  • Joseph Keilberth - conductor
  • Wolfgang Windgassen - tenor
  • Hans Hotter - tenor
  • Astrid Varnay - soprano
  • Choir und Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele - orchestra
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Nr kat.: SBT41392
Label  : Testament (UK)

Recorded in stereo live at the 1955 Bayreuth Festival Wolfgang Windgassen, Astrid Varnay, Hans Hotter, Gustav Neidlinger Paul Kuen, Maria von Ilosvay, Josef Greindl, Ilse Hollweg Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele Joseph Keilberth This live-from-Bayreuth 1955 Siegfried, in stereo, was professionally recorded by Decca's engineers as part of what was to be the first full Ring Cycle on records. Contractual disputes and producer John Culshaw's desire to produce an "ideal" Ring in the studio killed the release of this Ring, and the tapes were locked away in some dark chamber until now. The result is breathtaking: Hotter, Windgassen (playing his first Siegfried), Neidlinger (as Alberich), and Varnay at their best, with Joseph Keilberth at the helm. Keilberth was not one for "interpretation" or anything other than telling a good story with drama, fine pacing, and musical accuracy. His tempi are invariably quick without ever being rushed, and he has some of Böhm's intensity, some of Solti's visceral excitement, and some of Furtwängler's grandeur, while at the same time presenting a Siegfried that is very much its own. I'm not certain that this is the "best" performance of this opera, but if it were the only one you owned, it would be enough. (Robert Levine) Polecają: Gramophone At the time Keilberth never seemed to receive his due – his command of every aspect of this vast score is unerring in balance, detail and overall Schwung. No opera house or recording has since rivalled the cast assembled here, not even the Decca set, by which time Hotter, Windgassen and Neidlinger were all some ten years older. In 1955 all three are at the peak of their form. Don’t take my word for it: buy the discs and experience Wagner as he was supremely performed in those special days. Opera The performance is overall an ear-opening vindication of Keilberth. The Testament is essentially a great performance astoundingly well recorded and presented. International Record Review This amazing performance comes across in all its power because there are no sonic limitations. I’m sure this recording is destined for classic status. BBC Music Magazine This Siegfried sounds perpetually alive and commited in a way that often eludes studio recordings. The Independent Magnificent is the only word for it. This is teamwork on an exalted scale. Keilberth was the first among equals in Wagner. Financial Times The Bayreuth/Decca tapes have awoken from their slumber. A vintage cast is led by Astrid Varnay, Wolfgang Windgassen and Hans Hotter. I can barely wait for the other three Ring operas from this source. Sunday Telegraph Remastered by Testament, the sound can only be described as sensational, with orchestral playing of supreme quality under the inspired conducting of Joseph Keilberth. I am not exaggerating: there are parts of this score as you perhaps dreamed you might hear them. Wagnerians have to experience this set. Daily Mail Wolfgang Windgassen is the last truly compelling Siegfried. The real discovery is Keilberth. His fleet-footed yet powerful account of Siegfried reveals what a first class Wagnerian he was. The Times The revelations are the remarkable early stereo sound quality and Keilberth’s elemental conducting. This Siegfried has an inexorable sweep that will take your breath away. The singing too is of a kind that you just don’t hear today. The classical-record event of the year. Five stars.


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