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Vangelis - Antarctica 01. Theme from Antarctica (7:30) 02. Antarctica Echoes (5:58) 03. Kinematic (3:51) 04. Song of White (5:18) 05. Life of Antarctica (6:00) 06. Memory of Antarctica (5:30) 07. Other Side of Antarctica (6:57) 08. Deliverance (4:30)

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Antarctica is the soundtrack to Koreyoshi Kurahara's film of the same name. Vangelis composed and performed all of the music. It is a very dynamic and dramatic set, but does not convey the iciness that listeners would expect. Conveying feelings of angst, isolation, and even desolation, it is actually very good music. It just does not feel like, well, the Antarctic.


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