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Tri Continental


Tri Continental - Drifting 01. Blue Bird (5:03) 02. Grinnin' in Your Face (6:00) 03. Salama (5:37) 04. T-Bone Shuffle (5:56) 05. One Love (7:01) 06. Gumbo No. 1 (7:25) 07. Big Boss Man (8:09) 08. The Gift (6:25) 09. Room Full of Mirrors (10:35)
  • Tri Continental - group
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Nr kat.: TM030

“Never change a winning team“ – this truism from the world of sports could well be applied to DRIFTING, the fourth release by Canada’s blues/roots/world trio Tri-Continental on TRADITION & MODERNE. Just like the album’s predecessor “Let’s Play”, DRIFTING was recorded in Germany and for their new recording project the trio again invited Indian percussion master Ramesh Shotham to participate. Following his stints with artists and ensembles as diverse as Karnataka College of Percussion, Dissidenten, Embryo, Carla Bley and Rabi Abou-Khalil, Ramesh Shotham now seems to be a regular guest of Lester Quitzau, Bill Bourne and Madagaskar Slim. “DRIFTING” – this classic term from the world of blues lyrics should not be taken as an indication for indecision, however. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. Tri-Continental came up with a special plan for recording their fourth album. They invited a small audience of friends and fans to one of their favorite recording locations - the Alien Style Studio in Bremen/Germany - and proceeded to capture nine new songs on tape. All performed on one single evening and combining the directness and spontaneity of a live performance with the technical advantages of a professional studio environment. The concept of democracy is still very much at the heart of the band’s philosophy on DRIFTING. Two new songs by Bourne and Quitzau each, one new original song by Slim and a bunch of covers that stand as a testament to the band’s great love for the tradition and their respective influences. The names of Son House, Bob Marley, Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed, Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix must be mentioned in this context. But let’s start at the beginning: DRIFTING starts off with a new tune by Bill Bourne: “Blue Bird”, one of his trademark ballads featuring a distinctive vocal delivery and a seductive kind of folky melody, framed by the electric guitar stylings of his fellow band members. Lester Quitzau’s adaption of a country blues classic by Son House is next: “Grinning in Your Face”. The new arrangement features one of Quitzau’s special talents: combining a pared-down groove with a bunch of slide licks that show his controlled mastery of the technique. Madagaskar Slim is featured next on “Salama”, one of his original tunes. Played in typical malegassy fashion, Slim’s fingerpicking is a marvel still and the band establishes a great and even danceable groove. An excellent example of Tri-Continental’s capacity of blending their various styles and techniques into a new whole that sounds organic and relaxed.


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