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1. The Children of Rarn 2. Jewel 3. The Visit 4. Childe 5. The Time of Love Is Now 6. Diamond Meadows 7. Root of Star 8. Beltane Walk 9. Is It Love? 10. One Inch Rock 11. Summer Deep 12. Seagull Woman 13. Sun Eye 14. The Wizard 15. The Children of Rarn
  • T.Rex - group
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LP HQ-200g:

Nr kat.: UIJY9037
Label  : Teichiku (Japan)

30th Anniversary Special Edition

The Japanese are meticulous in the pressing of their records and each album is pressed on dead-quiet, 200g Japanese Virgin Vinyl, obliterating pressings done elsewhere. Only the highest-quality titles are being released from the original analog tapes. This is a strictly one-time pressing run and quantities will be extremely limited. You definitely do not want to miss out on this extremely collectable run of top notch titles. You'll want to order immediately before they're all gone! The fifth Tyrannosaurus Rex album was also the first T. Rex set, as Marc Bolan abbreviated the band name at the same time as enlarging everything else — most notably the group's sound. Transitional through and through, T. Rex is the obvious successor to Beard of Stars, but it's clearly looking toward Electric Warrior, a point proven when the band hit the tour and TV circuits early in 1971. But "Jewel," "Sun Eye," "Beltane Walk," and "One Inch Rock" are all bona fide Bolan classics and, if T. Rex itself was to be overshadowed by the simultaneous success of the "Ride a White Swan" single (pointedly not included on the album), then that only allowed Bolan more time in which to plan his next move. In many ways, this is the quintessential Bolan album, the last to be made before his entire life was swallowed up by superstardom, but the first to begin imagining what that could be like. Certainly he has an awful lot of fun revisiting one of his earliest ever compositions, "The Wizard," while his ambition is writ large throughout the opening and closing snippets of "The Children of Rarn," excerpts from a full-fledged concept album that he was then contemplating. You also get "Is It Love?," one of his most contagiously underrated compositions ever, but really, there's not a sour moment to be found all album long. And it might just be the last Bolan album that you could say that about.


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