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Tord Gustavsen Trio

What Was Said

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1. Your Grief 2. I See You 3. Imagine The Fog Disappearing 4. A Castle In Heaven 5. Journey Of Life 6. I Refuse 7. What Was Said To The Rose/O Sacred Head 8. The Way You Play My Heart 9. Rull 10. The Source Of Now 11. Sweet Melting 12. Longing To Praise Thee 13. Sweet Melting Afterglow
  • Tord Gustavsen Trio - group

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180-gram gatefold LP Album download included, offer subject to expiration What was said brings new colors to Tord Gustavsens musical palette. His new project introduces the entrancing German-Afghan vocalist Simin Tander, and builds upon the subtle understanding of his long musical association with drummer Jarle Vespestad. Within the trio, Tander rises to the challenge of being both a soloistic interpreter of melody and an ensemble member, singing accompanying motifs, and contributing to improvisations in which the three of us are equals in terms of sharing ideas, says Gustavsen. She has a unique way of improvising, finding sounds that really work, staying with them, developing them very gradually. She has a discipline that really appeals to me and Jarle. The combination of the intimacy of her voice, with Gustavsens melodically inventive piano and discreet electronics, and Vespestads patient, textural touch has considerable emotional persuasiveness. What Was Said was recorded at Oslos Rainbow Studio in April 2015 and produced by Manfred Eicher.