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Tomatino, Enrique Morente, Moraito, Rafael Riqueni, El Viejin, Jesse Cook

Flamenco: Fire and Grace

Various Artists - Flamenco: Fire and Grace 01. Miguel de la Bastide - Morí Soñando (4:56) 02. Tomatito - Callejón de las Canteras (4:57) 03. Enrique Morente - Crisol (4:45) 04. Moraito - Buleriando (4:32) 05. Rafael Riqueni - Agüita Clara (2:51) 06. El Viejín - A mi hijo Jonatán (5:46) 07. Miguel de la Bastide - Viajero (5:30) 08. Rafael Riqueni - Chicuelina (3:21) 09. Diego Carrasco - Voz de Referencia (2:50) 10. Tomatito - Caminillo Viejo (4:19) 11. Enrique Morente - Tangos de la Paza (3:22) 12. Jesse Cook - Into the Dark (4:17)
  • Tomatino, Enrique Morente, Moraito, Rafael Riqueni, El Viejin, Jesse Cook - guitar
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Nr kat.: ND63924
Label  : Narada

20BIT Mastering

This Narada collection brings together eight phenomenal flamenco artists. The players here are a who's who of modern day flamenco, including guitarist Rafael Riqueni and renowned flamenco singer Enrique Morente. This collection emphasizes amazing flamenco guitar work and instrumentals like the fierce opening track "Mori Sonando" by Miguel de la Bastide. The album is split about fifty-fifty between fiery dance numbers and lamenting ballads. Three tracks feature vocals: two scorching songs by Enrique Morente and a medium-tempo ballad by Diego Carrasco. Flamenco is the lively dance music of the poorest neighborhoods and bars of southern Spain, infused with sorrow, struggle, and celebration. It is the intense expression of these emotions that makes this compilation a must-have for both flamenco fans and those just starting to explore the genre. Jose Jimenez "El Viejin" Abadia - Composer, Guitar Diego Carrasco - Composer, Guitar, Miguel de la Bastide - Composer, Guitar, Moraito - Guitar, Tomatito - Guitar, El Viejin - Guitar,


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