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The Piano Choir

Handscapes 2

Side A 1. Ballad For The Beast From Bali-Bali 2. The Need To Smile 3. Barbara Ann Side B 1. In What Direction Are You Headed 2. Prayer For Peace
  • The Piano Choir
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: SES19750


Handscapes 2 is a live album by The Piano Choir featuring Nat Jones, Stanley Cowell, Hugh Lawson, Webster Lewis, Harold Mabern and Sonelius Smith, recorded in 1974. At the time of release Ebony reviewer Phyl Garland said, "One needn't be a 'piano freak' to appreciate a truly new recording. First of all imagine seven gifted and talented pianists sitting down to seven grand pianos (with electric piano, organ, harpsichord, a few tambourines for spice) and proceeding to tear up these instruments - musically, that is. ...the torrrent of sound springing from their 70 fingers is so powerful and majestic as to be unlike anything one has ever heard." Brilliant. -Michael G. Nastos, AllMusic