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The Electric Light Orchestra

Balance of Power [Bonus Tracks]

Electric Light Orchestra - Balance of Power [Bonus Tracks] 01. Heaven Only Knows (2:57) 02. So Serious (2:44) 03. Getting to the Point (4:30) 04. Secret Lives (3:32) 05. Is It Alright (3:27) 06. Sorrow About to Fall (4:05) 07. Without Someone (3:51) 08. Calling America (3:30) 09. Endless Lies (3:00) 10. Send It (3:10) 11. Opening (0:24) 12. Heaven Only Knows (2:35) 13. In for the Kill (3:16) 14. Secret Lives (3:27) 15. Sorrow About to Fall (3:50) 16. Caught in a Trap (3:47) 17. Destination Unknown (4:10)
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Nr kat.: SICP30901
Label  : SONY (Japan)

AllMusic Review by James Chrispell After mining the Beatles gold mine for all those catchy hooks, by the time that Balance of Power was released, Jeff Lynne and company had pretty much found that once-rich vein going dry. This album did contain yet another Top 40 hit with "Calling America," but by the mid-'80s, ELO were finding their audience and their inspiration on the wane. Not truly memorable, but passable. [In 2007 Epic/Legacy reissued Balance of Power with seven bonus cuts, including alternate takes of "Heaven Only Knows," "Secret Lives" and "Sorrow About to Fall," U.K. b-sides "Caught in a Trap" and "Destination Unknown" and the previously unreleased "In for the Kill" and "Opening."]