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Tema 3

Madrugada 1:30

  • 1. Andança 2:54
  • 2. Grão De Café 2:29
  • 3. Walk On By 2:36
  • 4. Ela Vem De Volta 2:14
  • 5. Sabiá 3:15
  • 6. Zond-5 1:40
  • 7. The Fool On the Hill 2:58
  • 8. Sá Marina 2:02
  • 9. Manhã Branca 2:50
  • 10. Afro 2:20
  • 11. Amazonas 2:31
  • 12. Watch What Happens 3:15
  • Tema 3 - group
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Nr kat.: WMCD0060
Label  : WhatMusic

"1:30 Na Madrugada", the 1969 classic from pianist Gilson Peranzetta & friends! The Tema 3 added horns & orchestra to groove on Beatles, Bacharach & Bossa! Gilson Peranzetta and his colleagues from Tema 3 were too young to be part of the first, or even the second wave, of piano trios in the 60s, and as such, had to look further than the simple trio line-up in order to keep the new audiences happy. By the late 60s these audiences were divided by home-grown rock’n’roll, tropicalia, the emergent MPB aristocracy as well as the influence of international pop music. On top of that many label heads thought the only way to sell improvised music was to appeal to the bachelor brigade with their late night whiskies, as the original liner note translated below shows. As such Peranzetta (here calling himself Peranz) and co were forced to seek out a sound that went behind the usual piano/bass/drums cover versions of ‘Nana’ and ‘Corcovado’, and they certainly succeeded in producing a truly interesting album. As well as the always welcome cover versions of the Beatles and Bacharach (never obvious and always well arranged) there are some really inspired originals. ‘Zond-5’ is a modal piece in 7/8 which is immediately catchy and ‘Afro’ is paean to the influence of africa in brazilian music. Even Joao Donato’s ‘Amazonas’ receives an arrangement that preserves the Donato sound but also makes it very much Tema 3’s own piece. The classically trained Peranzetta spent the years after Tema 3 working with Ronie Mesquita in Paris and later in the group Central do Brasil and recording with artists such as Johnny Alf to Nana Caymmi. Gilson’s compositions have also been recorded by everyone from Edu Lobo and Djavan to Dianne Schuur and Quincy Jones. These days Peranzetta is still playing and recording in the semi-underground world that is brazilian instrumental music and his CD releases on his own label can be tracked down without too much difficulty.


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