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TCHAIKOVSKY, Utah Symphony Orchestra, Maurice Abravanel

Swan Lake - Grand Ballet in Four Actts, op.20

Swan Lake - Grand Ballet in Four Actts, op.20 image
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Maurice de Abravanel - Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake (Disc 1) 01. Introduction, Moderato assai; Allegro ma non troppo (3:17) 02. Act 1. Scene: Allegro giusto (3:16) 03. Act 1. Valse Pas de Trois (6:21) 04. Act 1. Intrada: Allegro (2:32) 05. Act 1. Allegro simplice; Presto (1:15) 06. Act 1. Moderato (1:23) 07. Act 1. Allegro (1:01) 08. Act 1. Coda: Allegro vivace. Pas de Deux (1:44) 09. Act 1. Tempo di Valse, ma non troppo; viva, quasi moderato (1:53) 10. Act 1. Andante; Allegro (4:33) 11. Act 1. Tempo di Valse (1:40) 12. Act 1. Coda: Allegro molto vivace (2:03) 13. Act 1. Sujet (0:40) 14. Act 1. Dances des Coupes, Tempo de polacca (5:14) 15. Act 2. Scene: Moderato (2:41) 16. Act 2. Scene: Allegro moderato (5:09) 17. Act 2. Scene: Allegro (3:28) 18. Act 2. Danses des Cygnes. Tempo di Valse (2:37) 19. Act 2. Moderato assai (1:40) 20. Act 2. Allegro moderato (1:24) 21. Act 2. Andante; Andante non troppo (6:49) 22. Act 2. Tempo di Valse (1:44) 23. Act 2. Coda: Allegro vivace (1:11) Maurice de Abravanel - Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake (Disc 2) 01. Act 3. Opening of the Ball and Entrance of the Court, Allegro giusto (2:44) 02. Act 3. Scene: Allegro, Tempo di Valse (4:09) 03. Act 3. Scene: Allegro, Allegro giusto (1:49) 04. Act 3. Danse Espagnole, Allegro non troppo; Tempo di bolero (2:42) 05. Act 3. Danse Napolitaine, Allegro moderato (2:11) 06. Act 3. Danse Hongroise; Czardas Allegro moderato; presto (3:19) 07. Act 3. Mazurka (2:49) 08. Act 3. Scene: Allegro; Valse: Allegro vivo (3:26) 09. Act 3. Danse des petits cygnes: Moderato (3:40) 10. Act 3. Scene: Allegro agitato; Allegro vivace (5:27) 11. Act 3. Scene Finale, Andante; Allegro agitato; Alla breve: Moderato e maestoso; Meno mosso; Moderat (3:29) 12. [Unspecified Part] (6:21)
  • Maurice Abravanel - conductor
  • Utah Symphony Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: ATM1217
Label  : Vanguard Classics US

Maurice Abravanel became music director of the Utah Symphony Orchestra in 1947 and over the years built it into an excellent ensemble. It had begun to reach its peak at the time of this recording in 1967. Just compare this beautifully executed effort to a reading of Swan Lake excerpts made for Westminster in the late 1950s and you can see how far the orchestra had come in its development. Despite ample recorded evidence, it sometimes seems that Abravanel is not really given his due. He was particularly excellent in ballet, and his Tchaikovsky recordings, this one included, are among his best. He brings a real sense of the dance to the performance without sacrificing a bit of symphonic drama. Producer Seymour Solomon almost always captured the Utah forces in excellent to superb sonics, and this recording is no exception. It has lots of weight in the tuttis yet exhibits singular clarity too. That’s all the good news. The bad is that this reading contains serious cuts, more than a half hour of them, especially in the third act. Though Dorati conducted a complete recording for Mercury in 1954, cuts used to be the style. Rozhdestvensky’s A-plus, totally complete performance from the late ’60s (promised for re-issue by RCA sometime in the future) reminded us once again, this time in stereo, that the complete work is best for home listening, and now it is hard to accept as a first choice anything with cuts. As a supplement, however, and a first take on many individual dances, I would recommend this performance most enthusiastically, its lower rating due only to its excisions. https://www.classicstoday.com/review/review-4111/