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TCHAIKOVSKY, Andrew Litton, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

1812 Ouverture / The Sleeping Beauty / The Voyevoda: symphonic ballad

Tchaikovsky - Litton & The DSO: 1812 Overture / Sleeping Beauty / Voyevoda 01. 1812 - festival overture, Op.49 (16:20) The Sleeping Beauty - 02. Schne (0:44) 03. Panorama (3:22) 04. Valse (4:38) 05. Pas d'action (6:05) 06. Danse de demoiselles d'honneur et des pages (1:58) 07. Variation d'Aurore (3:15) 08. Adagio (4:26) 09. Presto (0:57) 10. Apotheosis (2:19) 11. The Voyevoda - symphonic ballad, Op. 78 (11:09) Moscow - coronation cantata: 12. I. Chorus - Andante religiosos (4:57) 13. II. Arioso - Moderato con moto (2:33) 14. III. Chorus - Allegro (1:40) 15. IV. Monologue & Chorus - Moderato (4:47) 16. V. Arioso - Andante molto sostenuto (3:28) 17. VI. Finale - Moderato con moto (5:12)
  • Andrew Litton - conductor
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: DE3196
Label  : DELOS (USA)

w technologii Virtual Reality

This recording represents the beginning of an exciting new series of recordings with Music Director Andrew Litton and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Featuring Delos? new VR2 sound, this release includes the rarely heard Russian choral version of the 1812 Overture, along with the always-popular Sleeping Beauty Suite and two rarely recorded gems: the Moscow coronation cantata and the Voyevoda. John Eargle, Delos? Director of Recording, has this to say about VR2 and the new Delos/Dallas series: ?We are at a new golden age in sound recording, which allows a sense of dimension, space, and timbre that takes us a step closer to the wrap-around sound we hear in the concert hall. Delos? first recording with Andrew Litton and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is tailor-made for our VR2 process. What could be more glorious than the Russian Chorale opening of the 1812 Overture? It takes no longer than a second or two to sense the essence of VR2 recording: rich, spacious, and above all timbrally correct, qualities which continue through the rest of the program. Quite a tribute to Maestro Litton, his orchestra and hall, and of course to modern technology. And what an auspicious inauguration of the relationship between the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Delos.? Herman Trotter, The Buffalo News: ?The new CD contains perfectly good performances of the ?Sleeping Beauty? Suite and the symphonic ballad ?The Voyevoda,? but it is the outer pieces that make it worth your attention. The Dallas Symphony Chorus sounds rich and remarkably Russian in the stunning choral version of the ?1812 Overture,? while the orchestra?s spirited performance and superb brass sound make this a preferred recording of this favorite war horse. Even more remarkable, however, is the 1883 ?Moscow Coronation Cantata,? written for the crowning of Alexander III. The work is virtually unknown, and this is the only complete recorded version I know of. But the music is gratifyingly even in quality, majestic in sonority and superbly performed in its succession of choruses, dramatic monologues, and duets. The concluding chorus, ?Slava!? (Glory!), is quite thrilling, and the entire work is well going out of your way to hear. This recording may be Litton?s finest contribution yet.? Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post: ?Andrew Litton, appointed music director of the Dallas Symphony in 1994, has begun trunimg out records calculated to dazzle casual listeners and to fascinate connoisseurs. The Tchaikovsky disc combines two of his most familiar works with two of the least known ? both well worth knowing. ?The Voyevoda? is a tone poem with a characteristically Tchaikovskian flavor and some very eloquent orchestral music; ?Moscow,? which I had never heard before, is a real discovery. Composed for the coronation of Czar Alexander III in 1883, it sketches the history of Moscow ? and Russian ? up to that point and proclaims the destiny of the Russian throne to be the ruler and protector of all the Christian Slavic nations. That sentiment may be questionable (the one who came closest to fulfilling it was Stalin), but it inspired Tchaikovsky to some fervent music, well sung by Litton?s chorus, which also is heard in the ?1812,? singing the words of the Russian hymns that Tchaikovsky used orchestrally.? Timothy McDonald, The Sun Newspaper: ?Turn up the volume, close your eyes and enjoy this fine new recording of Tchaikovsky?s most popular work! For such over-recorded compositions such as this I usually wonder what new element or interpretation justifies another recording. But Delos has indeed supplied an answer. To begin with, their new recording technology (?Virtual Reality Recording?) results in a very rich and expansive sound due to creative microphone placement. The performance is simply stunning as well, charged with energy and excitment. The electrifying young conductor Andrew Litton uses the choral version of the overture, which is rarely recorded. Also included on the disc are a rarely performed Coronation Canata written for Alexander III of Russia in 1883, and a suite arranged by Litton of some of the composer?s best-loved melodies from the ?Sleeping Beauty? ballet. The ?Waltz? is absolutely luscious.?


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