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Susanne Rosenberg

Out Of Time And Country

  • 1. Gullesol [Sweet Golden Sun] 4:02
  • 2. Cantiga 3:00
  • 3. Karlek Ar Fri [Love is Free] 4:41
  • 4. Improvisation 3:01
  • 5. Min Sjal Och Ande [My Soul and Spirit] 4:08
  • 6. Deus Miserere 7:48
  • 7. Orgviel [Instrumental] 3:38
  • 8. Amour M'est Au Cuer Entre 2:35
  • 9. Kyrie Cum Jubilo 3:54
  • 10. Naktergalen [The Nightingale] 1:24
  • 11. Improvisation II 1:17
  • 12. Organum 5:25
  • 13. O Viridissima Virga 6:17
  • 14. Clara [Instrumental] 4:09
  • 15. Aftonkoral [Evening Hymn] 4:22
  • 16. Improvisation III 1:36
  • 17. Jungfrun I Bla Skogen [The Maiden in the Blue Forest] 5:35
  • 18. Miserere [Instrumental] 5:35
  • 19. Plocka Plantor [Picking Plants] 2:33
  • Susanne Rosenberg - vocal
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Nr kat.: M080A
Label  : MaRecordings

A unique journey of creative minds from Sweden and France intent on exploring the possibilities for the juxtaposition and interweaving of each other`s folk and medieval music traditions. Susanne is a contemporary master of Swedish Folk Singing, or 'Sang' in her language. I do not know how to go about describing the feeling I get when hearing this type of singing; usually this is not possible anyway, but I hope you can sense its deep and mysterious beauty. I suppose it might be easier to understand if one understood how life was in the Swedish countryside during the last few centuries. Susanne is also a master of 'Kulning' which is the traditional way that Swedish shepherd women used to call their cows, from far away, of course. You cannot imagine what it sounds like, but let me tell you that it is LOUD! Kulning cannot be heard on this recording, but Susanne`s approach to the voice here is very much folk oriented, especially when singing in Swedish. Susanne is also the head of the Folk Music Department of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm Susanne brought songs and hymns from Sweden and other Scandanavian areas, while Christophe and Jean-Lou suggested songs from the French Medieval tradition. Susanne translated the French lyrics into Swedish, or adapted other lyrics to the French melodies and sang them as if they were Swedish Folk, blurring the lines between Northern and Southern European musical traditions. There is also Gregorian Chant and music by Hildegard von Bingen. Moreover, there are purely instrumental tracks on which Christophe, Jean-Lou and Thierry shine, three of which are free improvisations.(Todd Garfinkle, MA Recordgins)