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STRAUSS R., Ursula Schroder-Feinen, Leonie Rysanek, Astrid Varnay, Theo Adam, Chor und Orchester des Nationaltheaters Munich, Karl Bohm


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Galeria okładek

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  • Ursula Schroder-Feinen - soprano
  • Leonie Rysanek - soprano
  • Astrid Varnay - soprano
  • Theo Adam - bass
  • Chor und Orchester des Nationaltheaters Munich - orchestra
  • Karl Bohm - conductor
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Nr kat.: CS87BLV10724591
Label  : Bella Voce

Sven EdwardTop Contributor: Classical Music 5.0 out of 5 stars September 2, 2016 Varnay has a truly dramatic voice and really sounds as if she is wailing through most of the opera, but without a hint of strain. But then, when it is called for, she is able to float these beautiful, high pianissimo notes. Leonie Rysanek is THE Chrysothemis of the 20th century, and this captures one of her better performances. Hans Hotter is a dreamy Orest—swoon inducing! Overall, this is probably the greatest pre-stereo recording (and the mono sound is quite good), with the top stereo choice going to either Solti/Nilsson or Bohm/Borkh. Artists Astrid Varnay Ursula Schroder-feinen Leonie Rysanek Hans Hopf Theo Adam Karl Christian Kohn Gertrud Freedman Antonia Fahberg Gudrun Wewezow Helena Jungwirth Lilian Benningsen Leonore Kirchstein Lotte Schadle Charlotte Berthold Georg Paskuda Gerhard Auer Chor Und Orchester Des Nationaltheaters Conductor Karl Bohm