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Leo Green

Straight Up

  • Leo Green - tenor sax
  • James Hallawell - piano & keyboards
  • Steve Pearce - bass
  • Ralph Salmins - drums & percussion
  • Alan Darby - guitars
  • Hazel Fernandez - vocals (track 2)
  • Gary Baldwin - Hammond organ (track 2, 3)
  • Aileen McLaughlin - backing vocals
  • Anna Ross - backing vocals
  • TJ Davis - backing vocals
  • Brian Kennedy - vocals
  • Jools Holland - piano
  • Snowboy - percussion
  • Matt Holland - trumpet
  • John Thirkell - trumpet
  • Snake Davis - baritone & tenor sax
  • Dom Green - guitar
  • Leslie Philips - vocals
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Nr kat.: Naim033
Label  : NAIM Records

"Leo is the greatest sax player I have ever worked with," said Jerry Lee Lewis of the young man who has recorded his brilliant debut album with the Naim Label. Straight Up features a glittering cast of musicians that includes Jools Holland and Brian Kennedy, with a song line-up that features compositions from Paul Weller, Robbie Williams, Stevie Wonder, Jim Steinman, and Lennon and McCartney. Featured guest artists include Alan Darby (Eric Clapton), Hazel Fernandes (Brand New Heavies) and actor Leslie Philips. Leo, son of the famous jazz musician, Benny Green, has played with Joni Mitchell, Sting, Little Richard, James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Robbie Williams, All Saints and many others. He is Van Morrison's favourite saxophonist and is a regular member of Jools Holland's Big Band.