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STRADELLA, Laura Antonaz, Alessandro Carmignani, Festina Lente, I Musici di Santa Pelagia, Maurizio Fornero

Santa Pelagia

  • Alessandro Stradella (1644-1682):
  • Santa Pelagia
  • Oratorio para cuatro voces e instrumentos
  • Laura Antonaz - soprano
  • Alessandro Carmignani - contralto
  • Festina Lente
  • I Musici di Santa Pelagia - orchestra
  • Maurizio Fornero - conductor
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Nr kat.: STR33792
Label  : Stradivarius

Stradella: Santa Pelagia Laura Antonaz (soprano), Alessandro Carmignani (alto), Fabio Furnari (tenor) & Walter Testolin (bass) Ensemble Vocale Festina Lente & I Musici di Santa Pelagia, Maurizio Fornero Stradella composed this oratorio while in Rome on a commission from Queen Cristina in 1673.The only records of performances of the work are from 1688 and 1693 at the court of Francesco d'Este in Modena.The oratorio would seem to refer to the dancing-girl at Antioch in Syria who was converted to the Christian faith by bishop of Edessa, after which she led the life of a hermit in a cave on the Mount of Olives. Rather than offering a biography of the girl, the librettist presents Pelagia's inner conflict as she vacillates between enjoying the delights of the world and abandoning them for the good of her soul.The oratorio results in a score that is more lyrical than dramatic, but very moving and lovely, with long and winding phrases of great length which encourage a calm and singing rendition. >>> Większa okładka A <<<