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Stanley Black, London Festival Orchestra

Film Spectacular!

  • Stanley Black Conducting THE LONDON FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA - Film Spectacular! (XRCD24)
  • 01. Lawrence Of Arabia (3:32)
  • 02. On The Waterfront (8:54)
  • 03. Gone With The Wind (3:32)
  • 04. The Magnificent Seven (3:35)
  • 05. My Fair Lady (11:14)
  • 06. Spellbound (4:49)
  • 07. Anthony & Cleopatra (3:15)
  • 08. A Summer Place (3:35)
  • Stanley Black - conductor
  • London Festival Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: FIMXRCD240
Label  : FIM

"Great film music is fascinating. Whether you love popular music, classical arrangements, or have your own unique listening genre, the combination of film and music has a wide appeal. Certain film music is so captivating that it lingers on in the heart for a long, long time. This certainly applies to me. Some forty-three years ago, I bought the original LP (in fact, the only version) of this album. As a young 'music lover' (at that time, there was no such term as 'audiophile'), I was enthusiastic about the music and the sound. I admired the orchestration and the interpretation of the conductor, Stanley Black; the engineering artistry of Arthur Lily; and the gorgeous sound of Kingsway Hall." – Winston Ma, First Impression Music >>> Płyty K2HD do odtworzenia we wszystkich typach czytników CD oraz DVD. Nowe wcielenie technologii XRCD - jeszcze bardziej precyzyjne i... analogowe! Klasyczny high-end! <<<


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