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Spencer Brewer

Dorian's Legacy

Spencer Brewer - Dorian's Legacy (ND63008) 01. Dr. D (4:21) 02. Savoy Strutt (4:10) 03. Marcel and Claudette (4:14) 04. Dorian's Legacy (3:48) 05. Touch of Promise (3:45) 06. Eric's Theme (4:07) 07. In A Whisper (4:14) 08. A Place Called Home (3:58) 09. Mneesha's Lullaby (3:33) 10. Young Lovers (3:18)
  • Spencer Brewer - piano
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Nr kat.: ND63008
Label  : Narada

Dorian's Legacy is a fine acoustic new age CD. Spencer Brewer has a son named Dorian, hence this CD's title. Brewer is an accomplished pianist and he has a strong supporting cast of other Narada artists, most notably Nancy Rumbel on English horn and oboe. The smooth melodies are soft and gentle. Brewer's warmth is evident and his style is graceful and elegant. This is a good CD that neither challenges nor insults the listener. (AMG)