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Shorty Rogers and His Orchestra

Jazz Waltz

Side A: 1. I’m Gonna Go Fishin’ 2. Greensleeves 3. Walk On The Wild Side 4. Witchcraft 5. Be As Children Side B: 1. Jazz Waltz 2. Echoes of Harlem 3. A Taste Of Honey 4. Terences’s Farewell 5. The Streets Of Laredo
  • Shorty Rogers and His Orchestra - orchestra
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: RS6060

One of the principal creators of West Coast Jazz, Milton "Shorty" Rogers played trumpet and flugelhorn. For this album, Rogers and a host of musicians perform jazz tunes played in waltz settings. "Shorty Rogers' Jazz Waltz is exactly that, an exploration of ten compositions played in waltz settings. Only these big-band charts are hardly the waltzes heard on Lawrence Welk's long-running television series. Rogers kicks off with a swinging number ("I'm Gonna Go Fishin'") written by Duke Ellington for the soundtrack to the film Anatomy of a Murder and featuring the leader's rich flügelhorn. The lyrical take of the centuries-old folk melody "Greensleeves" alternates between the tense rhythm section and Bud Shank's gorgeous flute solo. Rogers' delightful "Be as Children" almost sounds as if it was adapted from a gospel song. The brisk treatment of Ellington's "Echoes of Harlem," featuring Paul Horn on flute, is refreshing..." - Ken Dryden/AMG