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SHCHEDRIN, Mikhail Pletnev, Russian National Orchestra

Carmen Suite / Concerto for Orchestra no.1 and 2

Rodion Shchedrin - Carmen Suite (RNO & Mikhail Pletnev) 01. Carmen Suite - Introduction (1:46) 02. Carmen Suite - Dance (2:19) 03. Carmen Suite - First Intermezzo (1:06) 04. Carmen Suite - Changing of the Guard (1:57) 05. Carmen Suite - Carmen's Entrance and Habanera (3:10) 06. Carmen Suite - Scene (5:45) 07. Carmen Suite - Second Intermezzo (2:02) 08. Carmen Suite - Bolero (1:09) 09. Carmen Suite - Torero (2:44) 10. Carmen Suite - Torero and Carmen (4:27) 11. Carmen Suite - Adagio (5:47) 12. Carmen Suite - Fortune-Telling (4:31) 13. Carmen Suite - Finale (6:23) 14. Concerto for Orchestra no.1 - Naughty Limericks (8:17) 15. Concerto for Orchestra no.2 - The Chimes (10:26)
  • Mikhail Pletnev - conductor
  • Russian National Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: 4711362
Label  : Deutsche Grammophon

In 1967, Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin composed his one-act ballet, "Carmen Suite", for his wife, ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. The music, taken from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet and arranged for strings and percussion, is not a 19th century pastiche but rather 'a creative meeting of the minds', as Shchedrin put it, with Bizet's melodies reclothed in a variety of fresh instrumental colors (including the frequent use of percussion), set to new rhythms and often phrased with a great deal of sly wit. Initially banned by the Soviet hierarchy as "disrespectful" to the opera for precisely these qualities, the ballet has since become Shchedrin's best-known work and has remained popular in the West as what reviewer James Sanderson of All Music Guide calls "an iconoclastic but highly entertaining retelling of Bizet's opera."


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