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SCIARRINO, GESUALDO, Ivan Fedele, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

Fuoco e Ghiaccio - (Fire & Ice)

  • Salvatore Sciarrino: Trecantisenzapietre 17:32
  • 01. I Mormorando 7:02
  • 02. II Liber amenteaccompagnando con le pause 5:45
  • 03. III Il silenzio è un muro con fessure 4:45
  • Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa:Madrigali 11:53
  • 04. Tu m'uccidi, o crudele (V,15) 3:19
  • 05. Languisce al fin chi da la vita parte (V,10) 3:34
  • 06. Al mio gior il clel si fa sereno (VI,19) 2:12
  • 07. Dolcissima mia vita (V,4) 2:48
  • Ivan Fedele: Animus Anima 20:46
  • 08. I Incipit 5:50
  • 09. II Eros 3:50
  • 10. III Vox 5:51
  • 11. IV Anghelos 5:15
  • Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa: Madrigali 10:19
  • 12. O tenebroso giorno (V,19) 2:09
  • 13. O voi, troppo felici (V,12) 1:50
  • 14. Felicissimo sonno (V,7) 3:01
  • 15. Ecco, morirò dunque! (IV, 16) / Ahi, già mi discoloro(IV,17) 3:19
  • Salvatore Sciarrino: L'alibidellaparola 13:02
  • 16. I Pulsar (Augusto de Campos 3:23
  • 17. II Quasar (Augusto de Campos) 3:53
  • 18. III Futuro remoto (frammento da Francesco Petrarca) 2:20
  • 19. IV Vasi parlanti (pittori vascol ariattici) 3:26
  • Łączny czas: 73:32
  • Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart - choir
  • Ivan Fedele
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Nr kat.: STR33629
Label  : Stradivarius

Sciarrino, Gesualdo, Fedele_ Fuoco e ghiaccio Neue Vocalisten Stuttgart, Angelica Luz, Susanne Leitz Lorey, Stephaie Field, Daniel Gloger, Martin Nagy, Andreas Fischer, Guilermo Anzorena, Angelika Luz, Stephanie Field, Andrea Fischer, Dniel Gloger, Andreas Weller, Silke Storz, Stephane Field, Barbara Stein, Danile Gloger, Guilermo Anzorema There are greater artists who change the course of history by taking maximum risks (in particular, they find the courage to be themselves) and thus anticipate the authors of the next generation. This group of exceptional people stands out from the mass of authors since they make up a kind of family with very close relations and similar tendencies notwithstanding the centuries separating them. This also holds true for such an artist and refined author as Gesualdo. The cultivated listener feels attracted to him in a special way: a plethora of sound associations with the most modern composers are hurled at him. Gesualdo reveals the extravagance typical of Vivaldi and Domenico Scarlatti, of Schubert and even of later Beethoven, we recognise the scent of late romanticism or french Art Nouveau, the atmosphere of expressionism. Salvatore Sciarrino from the attached booklet