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SCHUMANN, GRIEG, Radu Lupu, Andre Previn, The London Symphony Orchestra

Piano Concertos

  • Grieg: Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16:
  • 1. First Movement 13:32
  • 2. Second & Third Movement 17:05
  • Schumann: Piano Concerto in A minor
  • 3. First Movement 14:28
  • 4. Second & Third Movement 15:38
  • Radu Lupu - piano
  • Andre Previn - conductor
  • The London Symphony Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: UCGD9508
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)


Płyta SHM-CD/SACD do odtworzenia TYLKO w czytniku z funkcją SACD z gwarancją doznań, jakich nigdy nie zapewni zwykła płyta CD.


Płyty SHM-CD/SACD - w ofercie Clubu CD

Artistic Quality: 10 Sound Quality: 10 This became a popular concerto coupling back in the days of vinyl, as the pieces shared similar keys, lengths, and orchestral scorings. They fit comfortably on one LP, one to a side, and in fact that is the way this particular recording was first issued. Now it has re-surfaced in Decca’s “Legends” series, and hearing it again, one has to agree that it has found its appropriate niche, and accolade. Compared to the two reference recordings, this performance is the most classically straightforward, though without being a bit prosaic. There are an almost infinite number of moments that receive a loving care that seems just right, and not just from the soloist either: Previn proves himself more collaborator than mere accompanist. In the slow movement of the Grieg, the conductor and orchestra work hand in glove with the soloist to provide moment after moment of supreme inspiration and magic. On EMI, Richter provides a little more drama, especially in the slow movement of the Grieg, and Anda a bit more joie de vivre in the rapid movements of both concertos. But Lupu receives the best recorded sound, rich and full, yet quite transparent and detailed, which might tip the scales if you are only looking for one CD of these works. Personally, I couldn’t do without any of these recordings. https://www.classicstoday.com/review/review-4122/


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