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Rise up, o Judge of the Earth - Sacred Organ Music

Schubert, Heino: Magnificat: A Triptych on the Melody of the Eighth Tone Reubke: Organ Sonata on the 94th Psalm Bauersachs: The Sermon on the Mount (Die Bergpredigt), Op. 36 Hessenberg: Fantasia on 'Sonne der Gerechtigkeit' (Sun of Justice) for Organ, Op. 66 Improvisation on 'Nun jauchzt dem Herren, alle Welt' (Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord, All Ye Lands)
  • Bernhard Leonardy - organ
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Nr kat.: AUD92564
Label  : Audite

There is probably no instrument better suited to a Surround recording than the organ. The large Klais/Mayer Organ of the Basilica St. Johann in Saarbrücken proves itself to be practically predestined for this, thanks to ist differentiation of musical characteristics and spatial separation into three partial mechanisms. The Italian disposed Great Organ on the rear balcony, the large French Récit (Swell) and a magnificent Chamade with three horizontal reeds (spanische Trompeten) sonically fill the church space, guaranteeing an overwhelming spatial experience for the churchgoer – and also for the listener of “Rise Up, o Judge of the Earth – Sacred Organ Music”. Music and liturgy constantly form an important unity in Christian faith; since the Gothic period, the organ has been intimately bound with the formation of liturgical ceremonies as the symbol of liturgical music. The fascination emanating from its majestic, weighty, opulent sound remains interrupted to the present day. These instruments, often visually impressive as well, so firmly bound to their ecclesiastical environments, encompass the complete range of human hearing – and the music rarely fails to make its impact. Bernhard Leonardy presents works ranging from French romanticism to contemporary organ music on this SACD, produced in cooperation with the Saarland Broadcasting Company. One unifying element, the concept of justice so central to Christian faith, is common to all the works included here: the Organ Sonata on the 94th Psalm by the congenial Liszt-pupil Julius Reubke (1834-1858), Kurt Hessenberg’s (1908-1994) Fantasia on “Sonne der Gerechtigkeit” (Sun of Justice) for Organ, Op. 66, The Sermon on the Mount, Op. 36 by Fred M. Bauersachs (*1930) and the Magnificat: A Triptych on the Melody of the Eighth Tone by Heino Schubert (*1928). The recital comes round full circle with a free improvisation on “Nun jauchzt dem Herren, alle Welt” (Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord, All Ye Lands). This elite form of organ playing has lost none of its fascination since the Baroque: it is indeed living liturgy. Thanks to Surround-Layer, you can enjoy the concept of sound engineer Thomas Becher with an SACD player and the appropriate loudspeaker arrangement in the comfort of your home. Special features of this production are the Special Media Files on the audite website, where you can find the Disposition of the Klais/Mayer-Organ in St. Johann and further commentaries concerning the recording and organ expansion.