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SCARLATTI, Ensemble 'Seicento Italiano'

CANTATE DA CAMERA - MS 17664 Nationalbibliothek Wien (First Part)

Cantata 1 Cantata 2 Cantata 3 Cantata 5
  • Ensemble 'Seicento Italiano' - orchestra
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Nr kat.: TC981901
Label  : TACTUS (Italy)

During his lifetime, from his Neapolitan years to his Spanish sojourn, Domenico Scarlatti cultivated the “cantata” genre, composing at least about sixty works -- those of uncertain attribution and his Serenades excluded. Other cantatas are likely to emerge once the uncatalogued funds are systematically scanned. Since in those years the cantata was a genre on the wane, this high number is revealing of Scarlatti’s uninterrupted link with the baroque tradition, an age in which the cantata had reached its climax as an extremely refined genre, the place for daring experimentation, and exquisite writing, the appropriate gym for high craftsmanship, as expected by the elitist audience for which it was intended. The manuscripts date from 1699 to 1724 Soprano: Lavinia Bertotti-Ensemble SEICENTO ITALIANO-historic instruments director: Daniele Boccaccio