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Sarah McLachlan


  • 1. Drawn To The Rhythm
  • 2. Into The Fire
  • 3. Path Of Thorns, The (Terms)
  • 4. I Will Not Forget You
  • 5. Lost
  • 6. Back Door Man
  • 7. Shelter
  • 8. Black
  • 9. Home
  • 10. Mercy
  • 11. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
  • Sarah McLachlan - vocal
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2 LP HQ-200G 45rpm:

Nr kat.: AAPP052
Label  : Acoustic Sounds
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SACD Hybr:

Nr kat.: CAPP052SA
Label  : Acoustic Sounds

pierwsze tłoczenie tej płyty sprzedano (tylko w Kanadzie!) w nakładzie 200 tys. egzemplarzy!

Solace is at once comforting, mysterious, expansive, timeless, and familiar. The sophomore jinx was certainly eluded here, as McLachlan sets forth a superior collection of songs and performances with the help of longtime producer Pierre Marchand. The opening track, "Drawn to the Rhythm," serves its title well and does the job of luring you in. Intelligent, intriguing lyrics and lilting melodies abound, whether amidst the pulsing rhythms of "Into the Fire" and "Back Door Man" or the quietly profound stories of "Home" and "Shelter." Although pretty much all of the tunes will grab you at one point or another, "The Path of Thorns (Terms)" and "I Will Not Forget You" are especially memorable, the latter not to be confused with McLachlan's "I Will Remember You," which appears on the 1995 soundtrack for The Brothers McMullen and Classic Records 2 LP set "Fumbling Towards Ecstacy / Freedom Sessions". Solace is a wonderful record that offers a glimpse of the astounding talent of a young Sarah McLachlan. - Kelly McCartney Sarah McLachlan - w naszej ofercie


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