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Sara K

Hell Or High Water

  • Sara K. - Hell Or High Water
  • 01. Stars (4:12)
  • 02. Trouble (In Your Eyes) (5:45)
  • 03. Curtain Calls (3:23)
  • 04. Fish Outta Water (4:29)
  • 05. Something More (6:19)
  • 06. Hell Or High Water (6:04)
  • 07. I Can't Stand The Rain (3:38)
  • 08. Set You Free (5:38)
  • 09. Streetlight's On (4:22)
  • 10. Ship In A Bottle (6:01)
  • Sara K - vocals, guitar

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Królowa audiofilskiego brzmienia

Jazzy, cerebral and sensuous, Sara K.’s music inhabits a lush, organic niche between Joni Mitchell (whom she sounds remarkably like) and a bluesier, less twangy Lucinda Williams. Songs like Ship In A Bottle ("What makes you follow is why you can’t stay/ Your ship in a bottle starts sailing away); Set You Free, Something More’, and her cover of I Can’t Stand The Rain rivet your attention to her nuance and style. So why am I being hesitant about going all out of ‘Hell Or High water’? Though her sound freely incorporates guitars. dobros, piano, kalimba, horns, glass harp, whistles and various basses and percussion, it all sounds too perfect. It sounds like each note was carefully, thought over, discussed, committeed, polled and then tracked. This is totally subjective I know but it’s bothering me so I’ve got to bring it up. I’d like to hear Sara k. a bit loser, a little closer to the heart and bone. A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Mike Jurkovic ------------------ "hell or high water", Sara K.'s second album produced outside of the US is not only a brilliant poetic and musical achievement. It is a great sounding recording as well. This SACD/CD yields 10 previously unreleased songs, featuring the late Chris Jones on guitar and dobro. Stockfisch offers another audiophile experiment: We transferred our highresolution stereomix soundfiles of the SACD "hell or high water" to the JVC Studios in Yokohama. Renowned sound engineer Kotetsu mastered a XRCD24 based on this material. Available now from Stockfisch Records: A very interesting and exciting comparison between SACD and XRCD. >>> Płyty XRCD do odtworzenia we wszystkich typach czytników CD oraz DVD. Gwarantują niespotykaną wcześniej analogową jakość brzmienia, znakomitą scenę i wyjątkową przejrzystość oraz kolorystykę dźwięku. <<<


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