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SAMPLER - Uncompressed World

Ultimate Hi-End Collection 2006 part 1

  • 1 Night in Shanghai selected from: Guangzhou love Greek Culture Communication Co., Ltd. will be "cosmopolitan Shanghai"
  • 2, dreams keep people selected from: Guangzhou Copperfield's Production of "dreams keep people"
  • 3, like you unreasonable selected from: Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Guangdong Dongsheng "foreign domain"
  • 4, Spring Dreams selected from: Wind, Forest, Guangzhou Culture Communication Co., Ltd. "Winter Journey"
  • 5, emotions, selected from: Zhuhai City, Hero Arts & Culture Co., Ltd. "of love in hand" 6 large Dunhuang selected from: Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Guangdong flamingo "If you know"
  • 7, Pik Stream Flowing Down chosen from: Culture Development Co., Ltd. Guangdong Jin Kaisheng "Qin show"
  • 8, beautiful yurts selected from: Canton Dragon Source Audio Co., Ltd. "Aobao beautiful"
  • 9, selected from The Peony Pavilion: Rui-ming's "full regalia is a dream,"
  • 10 miles to catch fair return ah selected from: Pacific Media Company "Moonlight Love" 11, thousands of horses selected From: Guangdong Co., pastoral album, "Horse Head Fiddle"
  • 12, taken from rivers and lakes: Extraterrestrial Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Guangdong Star "Suman night"
  • 13, business team plan selected from: Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Guangdong Star Man "Painting Scroll "
  • SAMPLER - Uncompressed World - sampler

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